First Martabak Durian In Aceh

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Are you a traditional culinary connoisseur? you should try an official culinary from my area. this food named 'Martabak Durian Pasee', Martabak Durian Pasee is the first pioneer that combines Durian fruit into martabak.


Starting from the year 1980 the recipe in making Martabak Durian Pasee is kept guarded until now, if you ask about taste and quality you need not worry, Martabak Durian Pasee delivers a very delicious and distinctive taste from Pasee.


You also do not have to pay expensive to get this delicious food because it is very cheap, the menu available here is as diverse as Martabak Durian, Martabak Egg, Cane Bread and many more.


Restaurant Information

Martabak Durian Pasee
Jl. Medan Banda Aceh No. 1, Keude Geudong, Samudera, Keude Geudong, Samudera, Kabupaten Aceh Utara, Aceh 24374, Indonesia

First Martabak Durian In Aceh
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