restaurant " chen9 "

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This week will be selected will be chen9, me will give you to the restaurant Chen9 that you will make you found the very comfortable roof here


I will take you to a very luxurious restaurant, Korean style. A restaurant located in the center of Thai Nguyen city. An authentic East Asian style. I love it. We have come here many times but today have the opportunity to show it to everyone.


We have booked the table quite early. We are quite crowded, a restaurant is also quite luxurious for big parties like conferences, birthday anymore. How about you?
Want a private space or like me noisy and comfortable spacious airy.

The food of the restaurant:

The restaurant is quite special with both folk and novelties from Korea. as well as the decoration on each dish quite nice.

In addition, the restaurant has a nice checkin place that is the entrance hall. An area for customers to enjoy the food here can take photos of the restaurant again.

Restaurant Information

Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

restaurant " chen9 "
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