Commemorate the special sweet sour grouper from the TWIN STAR

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Hello Tasteem Lovers!

Among the many restaurants, there must be one restaurant that fits your tongue. Likewise with me, after enjoying the sweet and sour grouper from Twin Star, the feeling of wanting to switch restaurants was gone.

I have been at home here, inviting families to enjoy various dishes. Ah, you certainly understand that better. Even though I work at a Cake & Bakery company owned by someone, but eating cake makes me bored.



Yummy ... Does this picture make your stomach vibrate? And you swallow your saliva? Certainly! This is not only seen from the picture, but has been felt by my own tongue.

Fried grouper and sauteed again using a recipe for sweet and sour sauce. It feels so good. Of course, here not only provides sweet and sour grouper which is eaten with rice, but there are various other dishes, such as capcai and seafood.

Pineapple and paprika pieces have made this menu special and look perfect when viewed in the eye. I would recommend this place to all of you, even though someone might have told you first.


Invite your family and friends here, for me, sweet and sour grouper is the mainstay of this restaurant.

@hardank for tasteem

Restaurant Information

Jl. Merdeka No.28-29, Simpang Empat, Banda Sakti, Kota Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia

Commemorate the special sweet sour grouper from the TWIN STAR
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