Soy-garlic Fried chicken

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Do anyone of you craving for a fried chicken? If yes then let me bring you to one of my favorite spot here in Singapore - it's called 4 Fingers!

Whenever I go to this place, I always go for the their version of Soy-garlic Fried chicken. As we all know, it's easy to fry a chicken but it's dificult to nail a great sauce for it. In this place, they are able to hit that crispy battered chicken skin and nailed a sweet-savoury sauce for it.


I must say, fried chicken is really something for the locals - I rarely find a place that doesn't offer their own version of it. From restaurants, fast food, and even food centers; everyone seems to like to get a piece of the market share for this dish.

I guess it's because of the multi-racial nationalities that are living in this country and fried chicken (or any chicken dishes) is the only meat that anyone can eat regardless of racial background.

So among all of the places that offer fried chicken, why am I very particular about this one? Firstly, it's the value for money. It's really affordable and it's not a wonder why young people really like it and even professionals alike.


So, about the dish - for this meal I ordered for the Soy-garlic Chicken chop with rice. Another alternative option is to have French fries which also have 2 options for seasoning: kimchi & seaweed.

The chicken itself is perfectly cooked, it's tender and juicy. Nobody can mess up cooking a chicken. As mentioned earlier, the batter is crispy even with the soy-garlic sauce which is amazing.

It's the kind of sauce that I like for almost anything. That's why I also requested to have it on my Seafood salad (the original sauce sesame dressing).


For my preference, I always try to balance my meal with a heavy meat to a dish that has a good amount of fiber in it. Their version of salad is something that you can either top with another fried chicken or seafood.

The seafood itself is what I consider to be a standard way of cooking, battered and deep fried. The thing that elevates this dish is again, the soy-garlic sauce.

If you are the type of person that dislike garlic, there is nothing to worry though, the smell isn't really that punjent. I think it's just in a right and it doesn't overpower your pallate.

Before I end this post, let me show you a quick view of the dining space.


Restaurant Information

4 Fingers
6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594

Soy-garlic Fried chicken
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The soy garlic sauce sounds like it makes the meal. You're right, fried chicken can be found almost anywhere and often claimed to be the specialty of the restaurant. The interior looks nice and the food is very reasonably priced, so it looks like you have a winner. The salad looked good with the seafood on top, but the sesame dressing that it would have came with sounds good too.

You're making making me crave for soy garlic chicken. I'm still looking for a place that would serve tasty soy garlic chicken here. Thanks for sharing this with us!