Foodie Tasteem#36 - Outdark

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Hello Steemians, Hello Hong Kong!!!

I had a very good night at Outdark with friends as you can see, they decorated the place amazing well, with all the little stuffs and the black colour, lighting etc, it makes you feel very comfortable and calm to talk to your friends.

Just rise your head it really likes the galaxy. Outdark is getting famous and spread from not only in Korean but to the world.

They said it has expended to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Outdark's story and the introduction of Korean culture are very special. Just along the side, this must be their featured Korean style fried chicken.

So, here we are. Although the fried chicken stay below the fries and wedges, you can still see the sweet & spicy sauce covered fried chicken and honey garlic sauce covered. (we order mixed of two this time)
I really love those sauce mixed and the fried chicken is really amazing. Crispy on skin and juicy inside. The sauce looks sticky but not.

It can serve up to 3 people or 4, I remember we left some little cause we are full. Sure thing we had something aside just didn't take photos.

We also ordered the SOJU(Korean wine) with fried chicken. They really a perfect match.

Are you hungry? I'm!!! so see you next time.!!


Restaurant Information

613 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Foodie Tasteem#36 - Outdark
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The fried chicken looks wonderful. I've never seen it prepared like that. It's so interesting to see how other parts of the world serve their food. The decorating is very unusual and seems like it would be relaxing. It's nice that their menu has cultural explanations as well as the food choices.


Cultural exchanges, I bet you are a fried chicken lover :D
Their decorations are one of the best part!! really

That place looks so amazing! I love the concept that they used. Putting those stars shining as their design. Thanks for showing us lovely place! That food looks great too!


It's an amazing place :D love the way it is !!


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It seems like nice place!