Piscok cheese toast

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2 pieces of double soft bread
1 banana kepok (thin slices lengthened to 4)
Suitable meses
To taste cedar cheese (grated)
Sufficient margarine for spread


1 Apply margarine on the surface of the bread on one side only
2 Heat a happy call and bake 2 pieces of bread together
3 After browning, remove it and place it on the top of the chocolate plate, spread it with margarine and sprinkle the chocolate meses, add the bananas on top in a row, then cover with the other bread with a deep brown layer
4 Then spread the top of the bread with margarine, bake back over the happy call, after the bottom turns brownish bread and re-spread with margarine, bake back and forth the bread a little charred and pungent
5 Once cooked evenly lift immediately, place on a serving plate, sprinkle grated cheese and toast ready to be enjoyed for breakfast with milk, tea or coffee
6 Congratulations to thank

Restaurant Information

Restoran roti gulung
6, Lorong Kajang Raya 2, Taman Kajang Raya, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Piscok cheese toast
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