My Submission for "My Weekly Choice Contest" ( Mat'z Bistro )

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Hello everyone
I'm Fahmida Noshin. Today I'm coming with my first post about My Weekly Choice > Contest by @tasteem.
As I'm a food lover so I often visit different kinds of restaurants in my city. Today I'm going to reivew about one of my favourite restaurant. I have chosen Mat'z Bistro restaurant for reviewing for this weekly choice contest.


Some days ago I went there with some of my friends. This restaurants is mainly famous for their rice platter and various kinds of coffees.


Their iterior is beautifully decorated with flowers & natural elements. There is also a photo booth for the guests. If anyone is interested in taking pictures & craving for tasty foods then I must suggest this place.


I ordered three of their rice platters,BBQ chicken,spaghetti & latte
Platter 1:Fried rice,1piece of bbq chicken,mixed vegetables,green salad & tamarind sauce.
the bbq chicken was just mouth-watering.I also liked the sauce.


Platter 2:fried rice, grilled chicken,french fries,sauteed vegetables with red chilli sauce and tamarind sauce.
The chicken was very well cooked,I just loved it.
But the sauteed vegetables was average.


Platter 3:fried rice,2 pieces of tandoori chicken,mixed vegetables & salad.
I think this one is the best tandoori chicken I have ever had.The chicken was very soft & well cooked they kept a perfect balance of spices in this dish.


Their BBQ chicken wings was yummy as you can see in the picture. I liked the bbq sauce.


This is not a place for spaghetti I didn't like the taste so much though my friends liked it. For me it was average.


As I write it before that this place is famous for their coffee so i tried their magnificant latte & It’s just amazing. If you are stressed then you can try this one it will relief your stress. They also serve cappuccino,mocha,espresso,americano. Though I didn’t taste these coffees but I think that these will be tasty because they always try to maintain their food texture,taste & quality.


They also serve indian cuisines,pizza & their own signature dishes. Their behaviour and service was very warm.
All over this a good place for hangout. I liked it so much.

Price List
Platter 1: 2.32$
Platter 2: 2.67$
Platter 3: 3.00$
BBQ chicken wings: 2.67$
Spaghetti with white sauce: 4.69$
Latte: 1.48$


Mat'z Bistro Ratings

Restaurant Information

Mat'z Bistro
MAT'Z BISTRO, House 3 Rd 6, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

My Submission for "My Weekly Choice Contest" ( Mat'z Bistro )
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Nice place and food looks delicious!


Thank you for entering our <Your weekly choice > Contest . Thanks to @fahmidanoshin, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

Well done my Friend. Keep it up.

thanks for guiding me

dat BBQ chicken looks sooo gooodd! =Dd

yeah it’s also very tasty

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