Burger in Italian way!

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Hello Everybody, Hope you all are eating well and healthy.

So, I recently visited a place called "La Dolce Vita". And I have a new favorite place now. Amazing food and not so costly.


They say they are an Italian resturent. Well I believe them and there taste is proof of that. Pizza was amazing. I have had very few pizzas better then this one. As you can see in the images. Its very cheezy and meaty.


Then we had burgers. If I havent mentioned it before, I went in with two of my friends. Burger pic is in the post thumbnail. It was juicy and buns were nice.
After that we had this brownie. I am not a huge fan of brownies, But this one had me praising it. very good in taste, specially the chocolate. it was amazing experience.


All of it was followed by this amazing coffee. Well I had the choice to go for a soft drink or coffee. I chosed coffee, And boy it was a great choice.


My overall experience was great. I would recommend this place to everybody, And In the end It all costed me 1200 pakistani rupees which is around 10$.
So Its a cool blend of quality and taste. Must try.

Restaurant Information

La Dolce Vita
Banquet Halls, Garrison Golf & Country Club، Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Burger in Italian way!
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