Fu Xiang Kitchen, Bishan Singapore

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When we go to Bishan Junction , a mall that located near to my house, for friend gathering or any grocery shopping. If we would like some food that is tasty and under air-conditioned environment, we would go for the food court located at 4th floor of the mall.

And among the stalls in the food court, I would recommend this Fu Xiang Kitchen, where they serve nice and tasty Chinese cuisine.

Long queue is always expected at this stall.

Their menu is all very colourful and attractive, sometime you really lost of mind which food should you choose as all seems to be very nice and tasty

Normally I'll go for their promotional items or their signature food:

Fried fish slice rice definitely one of their best as we have ordered it numerous times.

And this time round , we chose to try their new menu and what's best , it's under promotion! It's called sambal pork- but I find it a little bit too hot and spicy , so suggest to standby a cup of cold drink if you would like to try it also.

They do have display food set at the side, telling the customers which is their signature food. And I believe one would easily know curry chicken rice is among the best.

Their banner says their curry recipe is of secret recipe but unlike others that cook with instant curry. Both the displayed food and banner make me so tempted to try this out the next time I visit !


#04-16, 9 Bishan Place, Singapore 579837

Operating hour:
10am to 10pm daily

!steemitworldmap 1.3504247 lat 103.8486856 long Fu Xiang Kitchen, Bishan Singapore D3SCR

Restaurant Information

Fu Xiang Kitchen, Bishan Singapore
9 Bishan Pl, Singapore 579837

Fu Xiang Kitchen, Bishan Singapore
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That sambal pork sure looks delicious.....I am so hungry after looking at it.