#1-Tasteem Review-Girish Ch. Dey and Nakul Ch.Dey

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Hello Foodies.I am in Kolkata and That's my first Review In Tasteem.I went to One of the famous Sweet Shop(Girish Chandra Dey And Nakul Ch. Dey).It's a famous Confectionery and Actually I like sweets A Lot)


I bought couple of sweet as well And Its costs overall 10$


It's takeaway competition and I think this vlog is eligible for Competition.I want to show the world about THIS famous shop and Kolkata is Known for City of Joy and Renowned for sweets


There are so many sweets and I bought couple of sweets and it costs 5-6$ and its quite affordable for all.If you visit kolkata,I would recommend you to visit here and Taste This sweets



The taste was superb and The level of sugar is balanced and if you are in diet,You can Taste it and The quality of food was good and the pricing was affordable

This is very special sweets And Its situated at Ramudalal Street,Kolkata..You can ake cab or rickshaw to visit here.

My Rating--8/10
Bussiness Hour--10 am To 8 pm.

Restaurant Information

Girish Ch. Dey And Nakul Ch. Dey Sweet shop
Ramdulal Sarkar St, Hedua, Kolkata, West Bengal 700006, India

#1-Tasteem Review-Girish Ch. Dey and Nakul Ch.Dey
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Hi aditiyaraj

Welcome to Tasteem, I understand this is your first post on Tasteem but there are a few things that you will need to improve in your review. This is to ensure the standard quality among Tasteem.
Could you please include more information about the food and the restaurant in your review (for example the taste of the drink/food..)? We also need you to provide the exact address of the restaurant (For example 29 Bedford St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9ED, UK).

Please read the contest rules.
A post containing less than 3 photos and 8 sentences in total
A post that does not match the contest theme
A post reviewing a fast-food franchise, delivery or take-out food
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Thank you.
[Tasteem supporter] Carlpei


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Done.I Will try My best to share quality vlogs. Sorry for that mistake


Thank you for your kind cooperation. All the best.

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Nice place. What is that green thingy on top of the white ball dessert? Green peas powder or green tea?

It looks tasty!

Try it with a Porter next time!