Grilled clams and Grilled chicken feet

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Hi guys ^^ The weather is now 27 degrees Celsius. A beautiful day to hang out with friends. I like to experiment with food. Street foods are the best choice not only for me, most common to Vietnam as the meal before dinner, but also just whenever we feel like snacking.
We decided to go to our favorite restaurant. Famous place for two dishes: **Grilled clams and Grilled chicken feet **
There are many different dishes such as boiled snails, boiled clams., fried snails with tamarind, mixed duck eggs, quail eggs with tamarind sauce, fried corn, grilled chicken wings, grilled chicken drumstick, (nem chua) rolls, fish ball, shrimp rolls, squid rolls, French fries, fried sweet potatoes and fried taro, milk tea,-Honey Bread,..
I like grilled clams and chiken feet. So we ordered 6 grilled chicken feets, 1 plate of grilled clams, 1 plate of boiled snails with lemongrass and 1 plate of grilled Honey Bread,.. The restaurant has an ugly appearance but the food is very delicious.
Honey Bread is a delicious Vietnamese dessert that is becoming popular worldwide nowadays! This sweet bread is baked low and slow. Bread has a light flavor of honey and a rich texture. I will admit that these are common snacks in Asian countries, and if you are looking for something unique to serve up, give these a try.
Grilled clams with dry onions, honey and chili. I think it would make a great main dish .
Serve topped with butter and lemon, or a dash of hot sauce for the truly adventurous.
The chicken feet were great. This is a popular street food in Vietnam. Chicken feet and wings are grilled over charcoal after being marinate in a mixture containing honey

They are cheap, and pretty darn tasty. Hope you enjoy!
Total price: 150,000 VND, ( USD 1 = VND 23.300)

Review and photo By @a-alice

Thanks for reading <3

Restaurant Information

Grilled clams and Grilled chicken feet
Mai Đình, Sóc Sơn, Hanoi, Vietnam

Grilled clams and Grilled chicken feet
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