Memos restaurant - perfect choice for dinner with friends

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The Memos restaurant is an ideal option for guests visiting Noi Bai International Airport.❤️
Memos restaurant a stylish restaurant known for its impeccable service and unbeatable location in Ha Noi City.



Memos restaurant is located at Noi Bai International Airport. The restaurant has many branches at Noi Bai International Airport including Food counters, bars, souvenir shops. Memos was almost full of families from Vietnam and some other Asian countries. The restaurant is a combination of Asian and European dishes


We chose Memos for partying, where there is a large, airy and modern space. I decided to put on my besdress tailored -cheongsam dress.


The dinner took place in a happy atmosphere. We took a lot of photos, everyone was really united and friendly.
The restaurant has about 20 dining tables. Our meals include: salmon, seaweed, shrimp, mushroom hotpot, beef. Fruit desserts: watermelon, mango and guava,..


Memos presents an extensive menu of decidedly Vietnam choices with detours into complementary Western and Asian cuisines.




A cafe items start at VNĐ40.000 for starters.



The prawns were fresh and flavourful. If you've ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant, chances are you tried the salt and pepper chicken. This is my favorite chicken dish.
I ate salmon seaweed rolls , I fell in love. It was one of my favourite items of the entire meal. The sauce of the hotpot is sweet and fragrant with pineapple and mushrooms and herbs. I think what makes the dish such a success is the sauce. The sauce was both sweet and sour to awaken our senses.

Review and photo by @a-alice

Thanks for reading!😁

Restaurant Information

Phú Cường, Sóc Sơn, Hanoi, Vietnam

Memos restaurant - perfect choice for dinner with friends
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