ĐỒ NƯỚNG LỰC XÔI (barbecue street food)

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Hello Steemit community :D !!!
I visited Sapa last week, me and my family took a rest and traveled there. Sa Pa District is located in Lao Cai Province, north-west Vietnam, and 400 km north-west of Ha Noi City,..Taking a night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, the train ride took 8 hours.
Sapa appears in fanciful fog. And then 30 minutes more from Lao Cai City by car,.Sapa is famous for its special cultural diversity in a combination of ethnic minority groups’ culture, culture of minority people are H'mong,Dao,Thai,Tay, Nung...Sa Pa was delightful.
We discovered many beautiful scenes and ate many new foods. And this is a popular dish in Sapa.

It's a BBQ - It's a barbecue on charcoal, mainly pork, beef, veal, chicken, lamb ... a variety of vegetables and fruit, or a combination of bite-size bits.


We ordered 14 skewers of meat for 3 people.
10 boneless chicken leg skewers, 1 skewer beef mushrooms, 1 skewer goat meat, 2 pork skewers.
Chicken feet is always a popular choice for grilling, but it's also one of the more difficult foods to grill correctly. These Sapa Grilled boneless Chicken leg Skewers are the perfect example! Our brother, made a comment that explains how delicious they are.

With no need for forks and knives, skewers of meat are great hand-held food for gatherings

Grill these skewers of meat outdoors, which is my preferred method. Love these skewers ^^
These meat kabobs are fairly easy to make. Well-marinated meat pieces and colorful veggies ..They’ll take about 10 to 15 minutes to grill meat.
This restaurant is certainly one of the best for local food.


Amazing food and service, friendly, funny and efficient. Total bill: 400,000 VND, food is really expensive. I think with this money, we can go to a good restaurant in Vietnam. Anyway, this is an unforgettable experience, I really like boneless chicken leg. There are about 100 dishes in the menu: snails, hotpot, baked goods, fried noodles, pho, sticky rice, bread, porridge, ..
This is the restaurant's Facebook page. You can read more about the food here:
Đồ nướng Lực Xôi

Review and photo by @a-alice

Thanks for reading <3

Restaurant Information

ĐỒ NƯỚNG LỰC XÔI (barbecue street food)
24 Ngũ Chỉ Sơn, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam

ĐỒ NƯỚNG LỰC XÔI (barbecue street food)
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Wow missed the barbecues from Vietnam! Yum yum...

Haha 🤣 is there a BBQ in Malaysia street?

Yes, definitely but not that much of variety :P

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