The snake, she is a wily mistress! We will figure it out. I am equally stumped (so to speak) about whether you're supposed to float or burn this particular structure.

I think I'm close now - the card revolves around the venom, poison, "woman's weapon"... not the animal. That's what I need to focus on.

That sounds like a solid plan!

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This is a crazy overload of snake info on Egypt? Maybe there's something in there?

This is meant to be an American Indian deck, so I'm not sure that snakes in Egypt are going to help a whole lot. That's why it's difficult because snakes in Native American lore aren't considered bad - in fact, I saw a snake on one of the pictures for "burial" because its shedding skin and circular figure can be seen as a symbol of reincarnation.

However, I have realized this morning that I'm going the wrong direction on the snake card - instead of thinking about the animal, I need to think in terms of poison/venom... i.e the "woman's weapon"

Yeah, I knew that, I guess I was thinking of the Egyptian burial mounds in Ohio, Missouri etc. that are an extended pre lineage of our today's "Native Americans"? It also reminded me of the stories of the Oracle of Delphi long before Apollo in which Gaia Earth Mother kept a holy serpent, the Pythia at Delphi. With the venomous poison, it was an initiation of sorts to the underworld and the access of all time/upper dimensions and or the power of poison to translation of one's akashic records. I seem to remember the Zuni had stories similar to this?

I didn't know they were considered to be Egyptian in origin/inspiration. That's really interesting.

So far, though, I haven't seen any indication of American Indian beliefs in the snake other than cautious respect - like that you'd give a god, not a potential murderer... - one who holds the keys to life and death...

I really appreciate this conversation though. It helps me think about what will end up being the right answer.

So far, looking at the word "poison" I'm reminded of poisoned arrows - good, but I'm still thinking something more underhanded. I'm getting closer for sure.

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