Free Tarot Readings For All! Week of 3/7/2018

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I am offering free 1 card readings to whoever would like them ^.^ The cut off point is 1 week after this post at which point I will post a new post!

How to get a free reading:

Just Comment your question below!

If you would like a more extensive reading you can send the question to me in the comment section of a SBD/STEEM transfer as a charitable donation. Any amount is fine and please specify if you want a 3 card, 7 card, or 11 card reading. You may also donate for the 1 card readings if you wish.

Looking forward to answering any questions you all may have! :)

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I would like to know whether there will be big changes (change in profession) in my career in future 5 years?

Card Pulled: Knight of Cups
knight of cups.jpg
My interpretation: The Knight of Cups represents charm and can be seen as "a knight in shining armor". I'd say, whatever changes or metamorphosis in your working life are happening over the course of the next few years, will be a good one! Your next job will be something that will bring you joy, and perhaps relieve you of any negative feelings you have attached to your current professional life.

Will I make money in crypto currencies this year?

Card Pulled: King of Wands

king of wands.jpg

My interpretation: The king of wands is a card of passion. He is a warm, loving, passionate individual. If you carry this love and passion for crypto, you will most certainly succeed in your goal to make a lil cash flow. So the answer is a resounding yes!

Thank you for participating :)

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Thank you sir :) would you like a free 1 card reading?

Will Cryptocurrency beat the current banking cartels?

Card Pulled: The Moon


My interpretation: The moon is a card of Illusion. In a sense; the cartels have us under a spell of sorts. We give power to these illusory notes that come attached with many unwritten, invisible attachments. My interpretation is that, If we focus our attention on something else entirely, in this case crypto, it take take this same illusory place that that fiat does, and we all know, with much less baggage! So overall id say yes! Crypto is booming and all that can come of this is more and more people waking up to its superior nature!

What will this year bring to me?

Card Pulled: Three of Cups
three of cups.jpg
My Interpretation: This is one of the best cards you can pull! This is a card of celebration and friendship and light. This next year will be an amazing one and i'm certain the year after will be just as good!

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Will I became a whale?

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