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This week's Oracle message
"IV Emperor R, ⅩⅠ Strength"

Your dignity as a human and your dignity of your soul are about to be taken away.
God's power is about to decline.

You are trying to repeat the same thing again.

Please know the truth.
The truth is cruel and ruthless, but it is a fact.

Please think about what you can use your own ability.
Please effort as far as you can.

Please share the truth.

“Ⅳ 皇帝 ⅩⅠ 力”






Selling healing music

I will tell about the good affinity of you and someone in Western astrology. 我使用西方占星术来找出亲和力。

I'll give tarot card message for you.

My Fundition:
I want to buy a new PC for healing music live streaming!

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