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DESPERATELY SEEKING a high-energy human who loves the outdoors and classic American hounds.

This dog is adoptable. All animals listed as “adoptable” by TARC have completed fourteen days of intake quarantine and either have been or will be at the time of adoption fully vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized, and microchipped. They have been carefully monitored for behavioral issues and deemed extremely low risk for average households. We never recommend placing dogs in homes with small children unless the parents are experienced pet owners and understand the added complications. If you're interested in adopting one of our dogs posted here, please fill out our adoption application and mention that you saw the dog on our Steemit blog. Long-distance adoptions are possible, but we will need to work with a humane organization in your area to facilitate it, and cost of transport will be the adopter's responsibility.

Hi! My name is Barkley. I’m a gen-yoo-wine Treeing Walker Coonhound from Appalachia. I’m probably about two years old, but I stopped counting a couple birthdays ago. I weigh forty pounds but should probably weigh fifty. I just can’t sit still long enough to let those fat cells multiply.

I showed up at TARC in the bed of a pickup truck, so skinny you could almost see straight through me. The driver said somebody dumped me near his house, and threatened to set me out in the woods “somewhurrs” if the lady at the rescue didn’t take me. For a minute or two I thought they were going to fight! There was some pushing and shoving when she got me out of the truck and then the po-leese showed up to make sure I got the help I needed. The rescue lady made a post about it. You should really read that. It was almost more exciting than a full-on coon hunt.

Speaking of coon hunts, the rescue lady says she’s pretty sure she knows why I got dumped in the first place. Apparently, everything I bark at isn’t a coon. Does it matter? If it has fur or fins or feathers that makes it fair game, right? For that matter, if it makes noise or doesn’t make noise, breathes or doesn’t breathe, or even just sits there like a garden gnome, it’ll get barked at by me. Because my name is Barkley, and that’s how I roll.

If you don’t know what a coonhound sounds like when they find something to tree, take a listen to the little video below. It’s me bawling at a goat. That dang goat never did go up a tree. Must be something really wrong with it, if you ask me.

The rescue lady lets me live in the house, and that’s been a new experience for me. I’m still not real good at it. I like my crate just fine, and for the most part I don’t mess it up any more, but she’d better let me out pretty regular or I might have an accident. I’m a leg-hiker. Just sayin’. I still complain when I think I’ve been in there too long, and sometimes she has to tell me to be quiet. But I’m a hound. What the heck does she expect?

I definitely don't mind playing hard and getting dirty.

My ideal home would have a large fenced yard. Either that, or my new family should be ready to walk and walk and walk and walk with me on a leash. I would not do well in an apartment or downtown in a city somewhere. I need activity. I need to explore. I need to sniff the ground and sniff the air and bark and bay and chase rabbits. Kids? Oh, I’d love to have a whole pack of ‘em. We’d have the best time. Cats, not so much. They look a little too much like coons for me to tell the difference…or care much that I can't.

If you are my perfect hooman, please contact TARC and let them know you're interested in me. I will wait patiently to hear from you!

Please consider donating to Tazewell ARC to help them take care of me!

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Thank you soooo much for this. Times have been lean lately with Steem so far down. This means more than ever, and it's always meant the world to us. So that's saying something! I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart.


A Dollar A Day is very happy to help. Keep up the excellent work you are doing there.

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Our dog Blue got transported from the US to Canada and we were so grateful for the people who rescued and transported him and the thousands of other dogs from down there.

Blue is half Walker and loves to hunt, but isn't really good at it.



I definitely see the Walker in Blue!

What a good looking boy... hope he gets the love he deserves

The world’s smallest dog breed is the Chihuahua.

Barkley looks like a sweet thing! 😊