TANGENT (TAN) Token Expand It's Services To STEEM / HIVE / BLURT (All THREE Chains) - TAN Official Update

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Hello, People of Graphene Technology,
We have good news to share with everyone. After a week of sleepless nights, we managed to bring the Interoperability of THREE blockchains (STEEM, HIVE, BLURT) into the TANGENT Token At Hive-Engine.

The History

Somehow you might remember what was happened just after @ned (Ned Scott) sold STEEMIT INC to the @justinsunsteemit (Justin Sun). The dramatic situation leads to a chain split. As a result of that, the STEEM chain split into two as STEEM & HIVE.

Most of the witnesses, dApp developers & community members left STEEM, and the Covid19 pandemic also appeared. We had country lockdowns & etc, so some token projects that processed top of STEEM-ENGINE shifted to HIVE-ENGINE or collapsed. One of our token project TRENDO (TRDO) that processed top of STEEM-ENGINE also shut down. (Compensation process initiated).

After a few weeks from HIVE split, another fork of STEEM brought BLURT token as well. As a result of that, now we have THREE blockchains (forks of STEEM), THREE communities, THREE blogging platforms & TWO scot smart contract platforms.

The Concept

When the STEEM chain split into three, every token project owner had to make a decision, whether they stay on STEEM-ENGINE or shift to HIVE-ENGINE, the new platform. This might be a hard decision to take & some projects had to keep 2 tokens in both platforms & had to spend double for infrastructures. Moreover, community members had to decide whether to stay or leave.

Yes, personally (I) left STEEM & joined HIVE, but some of our community members are still there (at STEEM). And BLURT doing good. As a result of that, we decided to expand our services (TANGENT Comment based Tip Token) out of HIVE.

The Challenge

The major challenge we faced so far is "Mapping Accounts In THREE Different Chains". So we made a mechanism to bind accounts of all THREE chains, that will discuss later in this article.

Then we got a challenge, that we need to stream all THREE chains, identify them & mapping with accounts, etc. But we managed to do those things accurately.

Account Mapping

First, it was a puzzle, how we manage to map accounts at THREE different chains. Especially after the chain split, each chain gets unique user accounts and we need to manage those accounts to keep running the bot project.

To overcome this issue, we have created an account validator script that has the ability to check whether a user account created before the chain split or not.

If user account created before STEEM / HIVE chain split
We won't bother anymore. The given user account has access to all THREE chains.

But, If user account created after STEEM / HIVE chain split
Now, we have to map these accounts. So we introduce the account registration mechanism as follows.

Register Your New Accounts

If you created an account after STEEM/HIVE chain split, then you need to register your account by the following steps:
Send your registration wallet message to :- @tan.reg
  • Registration Fee :-
    • STEEM Chain :- 0.01 STEEM (Refund 0.01 STEEM for 3 times)
    • HIVE Chain :- 0.01 HIVE (Refund 0.01 HIVE for 3 times)
    • BLURT Chain :- 0.01 BLURT (Refund 0.008 BLURT for 3 times)
  • Registration Steps for STEEM Users (Steemians) :-
    • You need to bind your STEEM & HIVE account names by following steps:-
    • Example :- Your STEEM Account : absteem & Your HIVE Account : cdhive
      • Send a STEEM wallet message (0.01 or more STEEM) with your HIVE account name at the Memo section.
      • Memo Message :-
      • Now you need to send a HIVE wallet message (0.01 or more HIVE) with your STEEM account name at the Memo section.
      • Memo Message :- (Format : [email protected]_Name)
  • Registration Steps for BLURT Users (Blurtians) :-
    • You need to bind your BLURT & HIVE account names by following steps:-
    • Example :- Your BLURT Account : abblurt & Your HIVE Account : cdhive
      • Send a BLURT wallet message (0.01 or more BLURT) with your HIVE account name at the Memo section.
      • Memo Message :-
      • Now you need to send a HIVE wallet message (0.01 or more HIVE) with your BLURT account name at the Memo section.
      • Memo Message :- (Format : [email protected]_Name)

STEEM / BLURT Accounts Bind To HIVE?

Yes, TANGENT Token is at HIVE-ENGINE top of the HIVE chain. Therefore, we want to map your account name at STEEM / BLURT chains with HIVE to process TANGENT Token rewards.

TANGENT Token Tokenomics Changes

  • Reduce delegation rewards from 25% to 15% (based on daily token mint)
    • With our previous version of the TANGENT Token ecosystem, we shared 25% daily minted tokens between delegators of @hiveupme curation project.
  • Increase comment based reward share from 50% to 60%
    • Reduced delegation based reward share (25% to 15%) added here.
  • Increase Minimum Token Stake to Summon Reward Bot from 10 TAN to 25 TAN

If TAN Reward Bot summon on Unregistered User's Post?

If the comment caller has more than 25 TAN tokens in his stake wallet at HIVE-ENGINE, he will get a curation reward of the call & the author reward will send to @null for burning.


  • TAN token script depends on THREE RPC nodes at STEEM, HIVE & BLURT. If ONE node failed, it might impact the entire process. Especially it has effects on account validator process. With our upcoming versions, we will try to optimize this risk.
  • The processing time is higher than the previous one. This also happens due to Streaming THREE separate chains.

Useful Points

  • Power down time of TAN is FOUR(4) weeks, similar to STEEM powering down process.
  • You can trade TAN at HIVE-ENGINE.COM.
  • Minimum Stake to summon (call) @tan.bot is 25 TAN Tokens
  • You can make THREE(3) successful calls of @tan.bot per day only
  • Maximum cap for comment based reward earning is 15% of assigned total reward pool of the day.
  • 50% Curation shared to comment caller (The person who summon the reward bot successfully).
  • All rewards share to your HIVE-ENGINE - TAN stake wallet.
  • Daily mint amount of TAN token depends on @hiveupme curation bot earning of HIVE chain.

Invest On TAN Token Is Safe?

TAN is a free token. So you can earn it freely. If you wish to invest in this token, we are strongly advising you, don't invest more than you can afford.
Join Us at [CORE / VAULT Token Discord Channel]

hey, thank you. I noticed you sent me 1,24 steem labelled 'Process of Sharing 50% Compensation of TRENDO Project'. what am i supposed to do? (still have 5k at my wallet). any guides, or instructions?

Hi @qwerrie,
We started processing 50% compensation for actual investors who lost funds by investing at TRDo project. So we won't buy back tokens, because most of users earned free tokens and they make funds while we are trying to process compensation.
Therefore, we will share compensation to the below listed users in STEEM / HIVE / VAULT or TAN form.
You can do whatever with TRDO. That project already shut down & you have this TAN project if you wish to use as previous.
Thank you very much for contacting me here.


understand totally. thanks for a fast and kind reply!