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RE: TANGENT (TAN) Token Expand It's Services To STEEM / HIVE / BLURT (All THREE Chains) - TAN Official Update

in #tangentlast year

hey, thank you. I noticed you sent me 1,24 steem labelled 'Process of Sharing 50% Compensation of TRENDO Project'. what am i supposed to do? (still have 5k at my wallet). any guides, or instructions?


Hi @qwerrie,
We started processing 50% compensation for actual investors who lost funds by investing at TRDo project. So we won't buy back tokens, because most of users earned free tokens and they make funds while we are trying to process compensation.
Therefore, we will share compensation to the below listed users in STEEM / HIVE / VAULT or TAN form.
You can do whatever with TRDO. That project already shut down & you have this TAN project if you wish to use as previous.
Thank you very much for contacting me here.


understand totally. thanks for a fast and kind reply!