Earn TANGENT (TAN) Token Rewards - TAN Official Update

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Hi All,
TANGENT Token At Hive-Engine reward distribution for the comment calls the top of STEEM & BLURT blockchains successfully initiated.


Important:- You can't reward your own Posts & Comments.
You can call for rewards at Post's Comment Section.
  • $tangent
  • $tan
  • !tangent
  • !tan


You need to stake at least 25 TANGENT Tokens At Hive-Engine to call for rewards.


You can refer to one of these articles to get a clear idea about TANGENT Token At All THREE Blockchains (HIVE / STEEM / BLURT) :


We will start working on TANGENT Lottery System to reward all TAN Token stakers.

Invest On TAN Token Is Safe?

TAN is a free token. So you can earn it freely. If you wish to invest in this token, we are strongly advising you, don't invest more than you can afford.
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