Politics and economics

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In the modern interconnected world of today you cannot get around one fact:

politics and economics are very intertwined

  • Economics is concerned with studying and influencing the economy and the flow of money all over the world
  • Politics is the theory and practice of influencing people through the exercise of power in government either locally or globally.

The theory goes that economics should be apolitical but we can see that in modern times the tweet of a president can tank stock prices or cause a rise in the S&P500

Bloomberg even made a page where you can track the effect of his tweets on the stock market


He is also trying to use his position to maneuver the FED into following his policy by calling them out publicly.

  • In France the economic measures announced by President Macron have spawned the yellow vest movement that has been going over a year now.

  • In Turkey President Erdogan sacked and replaced the governor of the central bank after he refused to reduce interest rates. Since then, the bank has slashed them by 1,000 basis points, or 10 percentage points, to 14 percent, and the government has instructed state-run banks to reduce borrowing costs accordingly.

  • The Greek financial crisis which started in 2010, was arguably caused by the bad political decisions of the Greek authorities

And the list goes on and on...

So now there is a place on Steem where we can go and discuss these topics and more.

Talkingpoint is a new tribe that will focus on global politics but in my opinion we will also see a crossover into Steemleo if you look at the effect politics has on the economy and vice versa.

Its good to have a place where one can share his opinion and where the moderators have stated that they will monitor the hate speech but will respect opinions.

For now they are calling it an experiment but it looks like they are geared up with a long term vision as they are keeping back a reserve of 10 million tokens (50%) for the formation of a DAO.

The only thing that seems to be initially missing as with most tokens is a sink but I guess we will get an update soon enough on weather the team have new surprises in store for us on that topic.
There is also talk about airdrops but not much in further explenation there.

I am all for diversification in Tribes and Communities on steem so can only applaud this initiative.

What do you think about this new expantion to the community?


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Good combination

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thanks, thought so to

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Thank you for the shout out, we have published more information about our plans today from this account!

While we do expect a sink as most tribes see when the airdrop becomes available we are looking at long term goals and rewarding those who are engaged and active while letting the rest fade out of the project.

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