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Good evening steemians!

The winner for the round #35 "Take A Pic Contest" are the following;

Please watch to revail the winners!

First prize @kneelyrac 1 steem
Second prize @jurich60 0.750
Third prize @sarimanok 0.500

Consolation prizes:

All of you will get 0.200 steem

Congratulations and thank you for your support

The previous theme was all about fruits and I appreciate your efforts and supports. The new theme is about a TREE.

Note: You can post it with a description in #appics or here on #steemit. Please Do not submit any post from the other blockchain. It will not be counted this time.

Theme: TREE

This contest is called " Take a Pic , Comment Contest". This is going to be a weekly contest that will be posted every Sunday. This is as simple as taking a picture of something , in which I will give a weekly theme as to what photo you have to comment **
Simple Rules :

Picture the specified theme or object or the week ( must be your own photo)

Comment your photo in this post

A resteem is not required but will be highly appreciated to inform other steemians

Contest is open to all steemians , but this contest is with time limit

Prize Pool is 5 steem
First prize will be 1 steem

4 steem will be divided to all participants

If I got a support from @steemcurator01 I will add more prizes. I hope @steemitcurstor1 will upvote this post so I could survive this contest .

Thank you so much. Steem on!

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Gif credit to @gremayo


Hello @olivia08 ! This is my entry for the round 36.

The tree of life.

Wow! Thanks dear @olivia08!
Am excited for the next theme. Keep going dear!

Here's my entry #36 for TREES:
This huge tree is right in front of my window.



Thank u nayy and congrats po sa winners ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks Nay hahaha talagang Mano Mano Yung bunot ha! Hehehe why not try Yung randomizer wheel po?

Old fashion dong. Next time I will do what you suggest. Snce the first day, picking the winners like this.

This is my entry to take a pic round #36 Tree

https://steemit.com/appics/@june21neneng/appics-v1-appics-im-234690 Posted with the APPICS app - join the next generation social media on www.appics.com

Hello @olivia08. Here is my entry | Cacao Tree


Here is my entry ate | Coconut Tree outside our Church.