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Good evening steemians!

The winner for the round #35 "Take A Pic Contest" are the following;

Please watch to revail the winners!

First prize @kneelyrac 1 steem
Second prize @jurich60 0.750
Third prize @sarimanok 0.500

Consolation prizes:

All of you will get 0.200 steem

Congratulations and thank you for your support

The previous theme was all about fruits and I appreciate your efforts and supports. The new theme is about a TREE.

Note: You can post it with a description in #appics or here on #steemit. Please Do not submit any post from the other blockchain. It will not be counted this time.

Theme: TREE

This contest is called " Take a Pic , Comment Contest". This is going to be a weekly contest that will be posted every Sunday. This is as simple as taking a picture of something , in which I will give a weekly theme as to what photo you have to comment **
Simple Rules :

Picture the specified theme or object or the week ( must be your own photo)

Comment your photo in this post

A resteem is not required but will be highly appreciated to inform other steemians

Contest is open to all steemians , but this contest is with time limit

Prize Pool is 5 steem
First prize will be 1 steem

4 steem will be divided to all participants

If I got a support from @steemcurator01 I will add more prizes. I hope @steemitcurstor1 will upvote this post so I could survive this contest .

Thank you so much. Steem on!

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the latest update <<< please click to read

Gif credit to @gremayo


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My entry for the new theme tree category! Goodluck to all participants. Thank @olivia for always hosting contest and segregate points to all entrants. Your kindness is highly appreciated! Keep it up! More blessings to come!

Hello @olivia08 ! This is my entry for the round 36.

The tree of life.

Thank u nayy and congrats po sa winners ❤️❤️❤️

Wow! Thanks dear @olivia08!
Am excited for the next theme. Keep going dear!

Here's my entry #36 for TREES:
This huge tree is right in front of my window.



Thanks Nay hahaha talagang Mano Mano Yung bunot ha! Hehehe why not try Yung randomizer wheel po?

Old fashion dong. Next time I will do what you suggest. Snce the first day, picking the winners like this.

This is my entry to take a pic round #36 Tree

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Hello @olivia08. Here is my entry | Cacao Tree


Here is my entry ate | Coconut Tree outside our Church.


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