Pink autumn 粉紅的秋天

in taiwan •  3 months ago

Autumn has arrived in Taiwan as quick as summer has gone and suddenly I find pink autumn on my doorstep. Everyday I leave home I walk along this section of the river. I'm not sure if river is the right word. They're man made from the days when Taiwan was occupied by the Japanese at the turn of the century. And there's always water flowing through. The water is clean(ish) but the sides are quite yucky. Apparently the locals have complained and the authorities will come to clean it up very soon. Let's see.

前兩個星期發覺原來秋天已靜靜的來到,而且還是一個粉紅的秋天。 家附近 (髒)川兩旁的樹上長滿了粉紅色的葉, 像告訴我們夏天走了,聖誕節很快就來臨。 之前一直都想要拍下粉紅的秋天,但拖拉的我,拖了一天又一天, 拖到粉紅樹葉都掉下來。 今天出去吃飯之前經過,決定應做的事就要做。

Pink autumn walk, Taiwan


I try not to look downwards when I walk along here. The view at eye level and above is much better. It's been like this for the past couple of week as soon as autumn has started. One day, I suddenly noticed that the two rows of trees on both sides had turned bright pink. The pink and green reminded my of Christmas plants that are green and red. This is like a prelude to Christmas, reminding us that we're moving further into the end of the year.

Autumn walk, Taiwan

Autumn walk, Taiwan

Autumn Walk, Taiwan


When I first noticed the pink autumn, the trees were a lot pinker. I could see the beautiful trees even before I got to this section of the river. Now the pink leaves are gradually starting to fall. In fact, if you look closer, some of the pink leaves aren't flat. I have no idea how to describe them. In fact I don't even know what kind of tree this is. If you know, please tell me.

Autumn walk, Taiwan

Pink leaves in autumn


I wish I'd stopped to take some photos a couple of weeks ago, they were so much more beautiful. I kept on saying I'll do it tomorrow. Tomorrow came and went, and then there was another tomorrow, and another, and another. Today, on the way out to dinner, I was determined to do what needs to be done. No more procrastination. As I was taking the photos, I wondered what it would look like in a few more weeks time. What happens after pink autumn? Will it become dull like this?

What's autumn like in your part of the world now? Is it still hot? Turning cool, or freezing cold already? Do you have a pink autumn like me? Or maybe red, yellow or even white? I'd love if you can share some of your autumn photos with me. Thanks.

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I'd happily tell you what Autumn is like here at the moment, but sorry I can't. Spring, on the other hand has been a little cool and wet so far this year in Sydney.


Oh you guys are down under! I always a bit confused coz I have to switch when talking to Aussies about seasons 😀. Hope it gets warmer very soon

Thats soo sweet to see. I can smell autumn season from here :)
Though not starting yet in UAE, perhaps in a couple of weeks, leaves begin to turn yellow/orange. Autumn in UAE is pleasant, it feels romantic too. Happy to see your photos :)


Autumn for you will be so much more beautiful this year. Not long to go?


Yes, a perfect autumn :) we're excited and nervous. Expecting him this oct 28. Hope everything will be well.
Be well. X

Pink is rather unusual for Autumn 😃 but definitely nice! But I guess I prefer the usual orange-yellow-red palette. The traditional European Autumn when you drive down the road and the sun is shining and everything looks magic. Even the light feels more subtle during this period of time!


I think autumn is great as there's so much happening in nature, and gives us such an array of colours.

We are heading to Japan in mid November. Hope we are not too late to see the autumn leaves


We're heading out in a couple weeks time as well. Will keep a look out for you! 😊 Where are you going? We're going to the central part.


Going to Kanazawa for a conference, then Tokyo and Nagano for holiday

Much of our rivers in Singapore is sort of converted (or built up) to what's more like canals too but we have no concept of seasons mostly.


I haven't been to Singapore for years. Does it get a little bit cooler in winter? Or can you still go out in t-shirts and shorts?


I gets only slightly cool with more rain but t-shirts and shorts still suffice o outside mostly.

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These shots are gorgeous... especially the close-up! If you didn't say they were leaves, I would have thought they were flowers... Pink autumn! First time I'm coming across it - usually it's brown or orange... Cheers!! Thanks for sharing... :)


You make a good point @ackhoo. I'm not sure, perhaps they could be flowers.... I'm going to double check tomorrow

Wow that is so pretty. Your photos are gorgeous. Most of my Autumn is pretty yellow and orange with a lot of brown thrown in. But there are some shrubs in my neighborhood to get rather pink also. And then it turns just as beak as your last photo.


Oh! Would love to see that! You must show us sometime Melinda!


They are not as pretty as your trees! These are just small shrubs that the leaves turn quite a lovely shade of pink. They grow along the road in the woods but they haven't turned yet this year. I will take pictures and I have lots of pictures from previous years so I can come up with some sort of post about my pink autumn.


Look forward to it!!

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Such Beautiful images I love the colors of fall

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Hi @livinguktaiwan, thanks for sharing such beautiful scenery in Taiwan. May I know what is the tree species? it seems so popular in Taiwan streetscape planting.


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