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More and more, we hear of the horrific gang rape of white women by muslim immigrants in public places. The crime is so common, it has a name: taharrush.

Sexual violence is part of Islam. The Koran condones sex with slave girls (4.2-3). The Hadith describe the rape of female captives by Muhammad and his men, before they sold their victims on the slave market (Sahih Muslim 4.1438). Muhammad enslaved women and children (Ishaq 464). He took Safina "in marriage" only hours after he tortured and killed her husband (Ishaq 515; Bukhara 1.8.367). He married a six-year-old girl and raped her at nine years old (Bukhara 5.63.3896). And he married his own daughter-in-law (Koran 33.37).

CIA - ISIS -V.jpg

The Illuminati lie behind it. First, they tricked Muhammad into thinking he was inspired by an angel, while they raped, drugged, and hypnotized him. Then, they told him to conquer the world:


Things haven't changed much. CIA, Mossad, and the "intelligence" community created ISIS to destabilize the Middle East.

cia isis 4.jpg

CIA and Mossad destroyed Arab Spring--which sought fairness for all--creating Arab Winter, with its instability, civil and religious wars, and decline of the Arab League.

One example is the attack on Lara Logan, who was gang-raped only two days after Hosni Mubarak's resignation.


Logan broke her silence, describing her horrific assault, immediately after CIA killed Osama bin Laden. The Agency then sought to discredit Logan, as she reported on Benghazi:


Taharrush continues in Tahrir Square. Thousands have been assaulted, and journalists are targeted.

French journalist, Caroline Sinz, was assaulted "in a way that would be considered rape," which I, frankly, would rather not imagine, given the penetration of Logan with sticks and flagpoles, leading to years of medical problems.


English journalist, Natasha Smith, was torn away from the men who escorted her, stripped naked, and violated. Just as Logan felt her assailants "raping me with their hands," Smith described her attackers, "forcing their fingers inside me in every possible way."


Egyptian journalist, Hania Moheeb, was gang-raped on the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution, while she protested worsening oppression by the Muslim Brotherhood. Moheeb describes the brutal violation of women's bodies, in all possible ways, including with knives.


On the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi's inauguration, at a protest against him, a Dutch journalist was gang-raped. These attacks look politically motivated, with the object of quieting dissent, intimidating journalists, and discrediting regimes.


CIA also wants to arouse perverse desires. Not only is rape a recruiting tool for ISIS, but the Agency wants men to fantasize about rape, and to commit crimes, so it can blackmail or eliminate targets through scandals:


Having destabilized the Middle East, New World Order has imported taharrush to Germany and Sweden:


taharrush stats20.jpg

In Denmark, Muslims commit the vast majority of sex offenses:

taharrush stats 200.jpg

taharrush stats 800.jpg

taharrush stats 600.jpg

And, in England, 1400 girls were raped by Muslims in one town alone.

taharrush white 03.jpg

Like GLADIO B, taharrush is a false flag attack, encouraging people to give up their rights and to cry out for heightened police presence.


Meanwhile, there's another project run by New World Order: multiculturalism. Because people are afraid to look racist, and they feel they must be open-minded, they make excuses for Islam, for illegal immigrants, and even for the scum who commit these crimes.


But for women who have experienced the horrors of Islam, there is no room for moral relativism.



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