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Through OPERATION GLADIO B (ORION), CIA is trying to disarm America, and gut second amendment rights, through a series of false flag attacks—shootings in schools, churches, and military bases.

Brainwashed under MK-ULTRA, drugged to forget, and implanted with cybernetic technology, shooters hear voices.

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If you don't believe me about the cybernetic implants, here are two articles on the subject, containing links and descriptions to over one hundred U.S. patents:


When you think, it's not hard to imagine a tiny cell phone implanted in a person's head, the use of hypnosis for mind control, or a date rape drug that erases memory:

Subjects are given "anti-psychotic" drugs, manufactured by big pharmaceutical companies, which decrease their free will, while reports to the authorities go unheeded.


Then they shoot someplace up, & the story is splashed all over the newspapers, television, and internet.


If NWO’s plot succeeds, there will be stricter and stricter gun control in America, law-abiding citizens will give up their guns, and only the criminals will be armed. Crime will increase. And people will beg for “law and order,” trading freedom for the illusion of safety.


That's what's happening in Chicago, where they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country.


I have written three articles on this subject. The first concerns a mandatory buyback of guns in Australia:


The others concern Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese Christian, who once did porn wearing a hijab, becoming enormously popular, while she was unwittingly used by CIA to distract attention from problems in the Middle East. Later she felt a mysterious urge to give her gun away in front of 2M Twitter followers, although she still believes in the Second Amendment and she knows her actions will not prevent further school shootings:

When you find yourself doing things this far out of character, there's a real possibility that you are under mind control:


MK-ULTRA, otherwise known as PROJECT MONARCH, is matter of historical fact, which was investigated by Congress in the 1970s. With all the new technology out there, we'd be fools to think that CIA had abandoned their mind control program. It is more active than ever.


But whether you believe it or not, don't give up your gun, and defend your gun rights. The Second Amendment defends the entire Bill of Rights. Be suspicious of sustained attempts to make you think otherwise.


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thanks! there's more at my website:

Please note that the article above contains an error, which I cannot correct in the text due to a problem with Steemit. As Cathy Fox pointed out to me, I have incorrectly conflated CIA PROJECT ORION, which Bill Cooper describes, with GLADIO B.


GLADIO A concerned false flag attacks blamed on leftist political groups like the Red Brigades.


GLADIO B concerns false flag attacks blamed on muslim groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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GLADIO C, or ORION, concerns false flag attacks by lone gunmen.

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