[Bounty] Tachain - Entertainment and Transportation Synergy | 3000+ USD Prize Pool

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What is Tachain?

Transportation X Advertising


Tachain is revolutionary blockchain start-up that brings blockchain technology to transportation and advertising industries. Tachain users will be able to use the ecosystem in order to plan all their logistics and routes (taxis, public transportation, airplane tickets, etc.). Users will also have the possibility to watch targeted advertisements and earn TCHN tokens by doing that. TCHN tokens can later be used internally in the ecosystem in order to pay for rides or use entertainment tools. It will also be possible to exchange TCHN externally to any other cryptocurrency on exchanges. At the same time advertisers will need TCHN tokens in order to join Tachain advertising platform AdNet and provide their content to the audience - such mechanism creates huge demand for TCHN tokens, together with scale-up of Tachain business to many countries, price of TCHN is going to soar substantially.

Ok, here’s the game:

Today, we have a prize pool of 3000+ USD for the Steemians who join our activity.

To win 5 Steem and Tachain tokens worth of 100USD (30 quotas), participants have to

  1. Register on Tachain website

  2. Join Tachain Telegram group

  3. Leave comment to put down 2 pros and 2 cons of Tachain

Best 30 comments will be chosen to be rewarded the tokens and Tachain team will have the rights to decide who’s the winner.

If you are chosen to be awarded in the future, we will contact you for the followings:

  • confirmation email you received to prove that you have registered on Tachain website

  • your Telegram ID to prove that you have joined the Tachain Telegram group

  • your ETH address to receive the Tachain tokens


TCHN price: 0.01 USD

Deadline: 18 Oct

What makes Tachain so special?


  • MVP on AppStore already released
  • Company registered in the UK with 250k GBP capital
  • Professional team
  • Huge scaling-up opportunities

The project team is also giving away a total of 400 TCHN per day. All you need to do is participate in discussions all about Tachain on their Discord.


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  1. Tachain has already had its MVP lauched on AppStore. It comforts investors that the team is indeed making progress and the Tachain project is marching forward.
  2. Getting itself exposed on Steemit is already a huge advantage over other project teams as Steemit gathers so many blockchain lovers and investors.


  1. White paper might need to include more details to address the concerns of investors. For example, analysis about the bottle neck of the project and analysis about the risks the project team is facing.
    2.Another concern is about the competitive landscape. Tachain might need to talk more about how it can differentiate itself from other competitors who also try to grasp the market share.

-First blockchain application related to the advertising business, will probably attract lots of user looking for easy money.

  • Bigger initial investment from the company than other ICO.

-Needs more details about potential applications of Tachain, future features.

  • Few details about marketing plans, how will this stand out from so many other tokens?


  1. Tachain has released MVP on appstore. This huge success brings courages to investors.
  2. Ta chain has done a great work on promotion. It sought help from Cryptoast to advertise, and sponsor for different events.


  1. The whitepaper can be more detailed, such as mentioning risk analysis.
  2. Tachain is a fantastic project, thus its future demand will rise rapidly. I think its team requires more professionals and developers, in order to satisfy all the desires.


  1. Tachain has already launched MVP in appstore, it does allow investors to acquire more knowledge and they are doing real techs.
  2. Tachain has put decent effort on advertising. It has found different organisation to hold various events to promote its product.


  1. Tachain can describe more on future application and the aspects that it’s trying to solve with its technique.
  2. The whitepaper of Tachain can mention about risk analysis. This encourages users to invest on Tachain, and have enough confidence on it.

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MVP already released on Appstore and Googleplay Store.
Company registered in the UK .
Using blockchain technology for transportation and advertising industries.
Users will get TCHN token by watching advertisements .

I think white paper need more details.
Advertisers will need TCHN tokens to join Tachain advertising platform AdNet is not a good idea.


  1. Tachain already lauched MVP in appstore, which is great.
  2. Innovative and smart way to approach advertising.


  1. There are so many competitors that look to do the same exact thing and have been on the market for years.
  2. The comments, retweets and likes on their twitter are mainly composed of bots...

Thanks for hosting this to introduce us new projects, we all definitely need to know more about blockchain projects with good potential in market!

I have already completed my registration process satisfactorily and I am really happy that @htliao told me about this!

My pros and conts of this great project:
I'm not very good at expressing myself but I'll do my best.😊😊


First: I think this project is incredible because it will make life easier for users to access transportation advertising and services and also earn while you use it, as it offers a wide variety of innovative services to help consumers and those who they provide services and earn while using.

Second: This can be very influential in tourism, because of what it offers as small and large companies can provide their services and tourists interested in getting to know a city!
would be more efficient at the time of being a tourist to have everything booked and payment with the same currency from my device at my fingertips with just a click away and the tourist will be happier in his visit would be more pleasant without worries have to wait.


First: it would be about the currency and the project because we are in a technological era but not everyone is on that path because many have not heard about the cryptocurrency, do not know them very well or do not like them because they believe they are just scams. So Tachain has to do a lot of publicity and motivate people not in the world of cryptos, so they can see what they can do if they use their services, the ease that they have and the improvements they will have by entering the technological world from the future.

Second: Not to advertise in other ways so that many people know the project not only with the airdrop, because really people who will use the service may not know about the airdop.
Example: a firm of lawyers who travel constantly or a school that makes school trips, usually do not know these events, most people who do airdrop only do it for the money, then you would have to reach all the consumers who really use the service.


  1. Tachain stands out from its competitors because of its large and comprehensive applications on the advertisement, transport and entertainment industry at the SAME TIME. Its blockchain-based nature guarantees transparency (of operation) and privacy (of users). This is often what is lacking in the advertisement and transport industry where user data are sold to make profits. Tachain, by contrast, enables users to EARN without compromising their privacy.

  2. It is reliable to me because its first application is out, indicating that they are dedicated to making Tachain a better token. Moreover, it has passed the ICO KYC Report. That means some of its team members have already had their identity checked, raising the team's credibility.


  1. Although the Whitepaper looks good, it could be more detailed.

  2. More team members might be needed to develop Tachain in the future to cope with the demand.

#tachain I'm join the this project @cryptoast
I'il add the details.

  • PROS

1- Tachain ; I see the future in this crypto money system. Because It provides comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers while maintaining full security and effectiveness of a full scale transportation app.

2- After system adaptation, the Tachain platform, which combines elements with the latest technologies, is greatly expanding the opportunities for advertisers and Tachain application users. This is a great thing for the user.

  • CONS

1- whitepaper It would be nice to explain it in more detail.
3- Reaching more audiences with social media and visual video..
2- How will they provide the economy, will they recover these coins from me at market value over time or will they reduce the number of coins in the market by burning their own hands over time?

Okay i did the registration and joined the telegram group. Now for the analysis


  1. The Idea of getting Crypto for using transportation services sounds very good alternative to "Flight points" which are things that are going to expire and most common travelers never get to spent them anyways, this model could be replacing all existing flight point / miles systems
  2. What i like about the Token is that - its multi-use this should inherently increase its value compared to lot of one-use tokens out there. Even if one portion of the business wouldn't gain full adaption (or deserved amount) other aspects of it could carry it still. Its not reliant on 1 aspect only


  1. Getting tokens from watching ads - is not fully proven model yet, i know Flixxo is doing this. But the question is will the advertisers get conversions or full benefit from this? It may work for while but if conversions aren't there advertisers may go with another service out there (or demand lower costs)
  2. There are other existing players who are in the transportation market who have their own tokens or accept crypto, which may end up being big competition.

overall its interesting project, which i will keep my eyes on.


  1. Tachain already have MVP on appstore and released,it is very nice to let investors know they are doing the 'real things'. Investors can trust this project.
  2. It is a very creative idea about paid for watching advertisements, it will boost the number of viewers watching commercials.

1.There are many competitor doing the similar things, it is not very unique to attract more investors

  1. White paper not mention about competition analysis and risk analysis

lot of things to earn from this bounty and i will not miss this , thank you for this update


Thanks a lot, look forward to your participation.

nice platform promotion! makes everyone here join and have bounties waiting.

currently obsessed in bounties and tokens! they keep on coming! will have to try this one too!


agree with you, man! thrilled to try this too!

bounty programs are cool. will try to register!

i like your post congrast;) but how to be in Hot posts?


This poster bought a bunch of votes for his promotional spam.


Thank you for your comment. On our platform all Steemians will have the opportunity to join exclusive bounty program and participate in interaction with the whole blockchain ecosystem.


  1. already has a working app is a significant point to stand out from peer, which can show investors the progress and how Tachain achieve their goal.

  2. Share economies is the future key to use surplus capacity. If the app operate smoothly and stick to their roadmap, this is a promising coin.


  1. There are already some tokens doing the same thing by blockchain for the ads part(BAT, PRL and etc) It is hard to stand out from them especially in this kind of ICO sentiment and not so unique.

  2. Facebook, uber and etc. already got big data and existing customers base, it also contain plenty of data for target advertising like Facebook ads and Ubereat's cooperation.

Thanks for this new project. It is really a blockchain with good potential in market!

this is so fun and cool. goodluck everyone who joined! :)


  1. Tachain has a absolute advantage about integrating the transport and advertising industries which all have great progress in recent years.
  2. Tachain tries to reward passengers watching ads during taking transportation tools, I think most of the messengers have this kind of consumer behavior, and Tachain has a big market in it.


  1. There are many other competitors also seek a way to reward both the advertisers and consumers, like Basic attention(Consumers, advertisers and publishers),Varanida(Consumers, advertisers, publishers),etc. I think Tachain can find a way to cooperate with some projects and co-create a solid ecosystem.
  2. Some data on the ICO analysis website shows that nearly 8% of the followers on Twitter are fake and there is only 0.27% investor detected in the telegram group, although there have nearly 100K members in the group, I think it's a alert to the team.

Proofs about joining telegram and my website account


will register now before the deadline comes! hope to be one of the lucky selected entries!

this is cool. woohoo! i wish i could take home the award :p

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H friend it's so nice love it

Thanks for share, Good project

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