Minotaur miniature, 3D printed and painted. Creative Commons stl, ready for printing.

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The printer finished printing! I have dialed my printer in, pretty well by now so it is not often I get failed prints. I do sometimes get minor issues, which is why I usually run a test print before loading up stls for sharing.

Of course I check the setup in my slicer, but sometimes i miss something that turns out to be important. In this case, 3 of the supports was slightly raised from the buildplate due to insufficient aligning on my part. It is almost impossible to see in the slicer.

That meant that one hand has a small flat spot on the underside. Luckily , when i orient my prints like i do, and since I use alot of supports with some redundancy, these errors are nearly invisible.

Here it is still in the printer just after the print finished. Unfortunately the image was a bit blurry.

I decided to take a few more images with the supports on. These supports are handmade in blender and are very thin where they meet the model. This makes them really easy to remove. I just pull with my fingers and they come loose. Only at the tail which is very thin itself, did I use pliers to loosen them before pulling.

I put him on a 4cm square base just like the warhammer fantasy minotaurs. I was never fond of the new plastic ones. They are far to bulky for my taste, and pretty static in their poses. My son got a packet of them for his birthday or christmas a few years back , so i decided to make a size comparison picture. I gave mine a grey undercoat first. I didnt manage to hit the exact same grey color as the warhammer one but close enough

I coouldnt resist making a gif showing an overlay of the 3d model with the finished and painted physical model. it was hell to match the camera-settings but it looks ok I think.

finally a few angles of the finished model.

I have also included an stl which you are welcome to download and print or modify, as you see fit.
I fixed the issue with the supports, so it should be good to go directly to print.
It is made with supports for resin-printing but those can be fairly easily removed if you want to use it for something other than printing.
Go get the file here
This stl file is released under a cc-by license. Until I get a proper site set up you can refer to my steemit-profile if you use the file.

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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As a fan of table top games I must say this is one of the most satisfying post I've been seen in this platform, and the passion you give to your work it's inspiring, keep up the good work man, great stuff.

Curie Curator


Thanks. I am glad you like it. I plan to keep on doing similar stuff


@elfranz you are really fast my friend :D, congrats. wish you all the best

Looks great! Are your printing and painting skills for hire?


out of principle all my skills are for hire, for crypto or fiat. For the right price, and if i like the idea, I'd even do commissions.
I am not sure my painting skills are fully up to standard though. There is a lot of good figure painters out there with much more experience and skills , who do commissions.


all my skills are for hire

Such a dangerous thing to say ... 8-)

Awesome job ;) The details are amazing!
I really need to think of a way to sell the idea of a 3D printer to my boss :)


Thanks, Convincing your boss is absolutely the cheapest way to get started.

Can a failed print be melted and recycled, and turned into filament again?


well in theory yes, if you use a filament printer. it is not a simple process though so few people do it. In this case using a resin printer (wanhao D7) it is not possible since It does not use thermoplastic. The material is a liquid that cures using UV light and it is not reusable once it is cured.


Rob a dentist for large quantities of the white version.

I have planned to submit your post to curie, but somehow you have been found by my others friend. Enjoy it my friend @evilhippie


Thanks I appreciate it,even if someone else beat you to it :-)

WOW - soo cool .... the 3d Print looks fantastic .
i think i must have a Printer soon :-)
because its really magic when you can look how the Sculpture becomes 3D from 2d from Monitor.
Did you make the Minotaur with ZBrush ?
Thanks for showing the Workflow :-)


Well if you can spare the 645 euros, I can warmly recommend the wanhao duplicator 7 plus. I have the slightly older version where the control box is external, but otherwise it is the same. An fdm printer is also a possibility if you are after larger prints, but as a miniature maker and jewelry maker I have fallen in love with dlp printing. Oh and no I used blender. Its sculpting is not quite as versatile as zbrush , but it is really good.

That was realy cool. What type of printer?


its a wanhao duplicator 7 v 1.5 . its one of the new cheapish resin printers on the market. I am very happy about mine. details are nice and crisp and the voxel size is 47X47X35 microns so pretty small.