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RE: Nikki Haley Seems To Be Saying US Will Remain In Syria As Long As Iran Exists

in #syria4 years ago

Maybe my favorite political one liner was when Nikki told another country 'Bless Your Heart'. One thing about South Carolinians is we are stubborn and will kick you in the teeth if you impose on our rights. I hate politics but love seeing Nikki do her thing.


So let's get this straight....A Syrian citizen came to South Carolina and imposed rules on your life that affected your rights and freedoms directly. As a result this enables you to cheer on a tool of the establishment, as a proud South Carolinian. Ok, gotcha.

Was making a point about Nikki Haley more than the political situation on Syria. I could see how you could be upset by that so thanks for sharing your viewpoint.

No problem. I was questioning the conclusion, rather than being upset.

O you're making a point about a Talking Head more than the "situation" the talking head was propagating.

SC can eat my shit if they are as retarded as you. gfky.

Easy there LOL ^^


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