Do you know why we are in Syria? Is it worth it?

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I don't like what we are doing in Syria.  We have spent millions and millions of dollars on a rediculous investigation as to whether the Russians "hacked" OUR election.  (As if Hillary isn't reason enough that Donald Trump won.)  

So we cannot abide any Russian influence into our election.  

But we can militarily attack a democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation and we think that is ok?  We somehow have the right to tell the Syrians that they picked the wrong leader?  We get to "hack 3.0" the Syrian election by blowing up the country and supporting a civil war?

We launch airstrikes and cruise missile strikes against the Syrian leadership and the loyal Syrians.  We can supply TERRORISTS like ISIS with weapons to fight the Syrians.  We can support troops from Qatar, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other nations AN INVASION FORCE because they too are fighting against the Syrian government.  

We have watched as our policies have been the reason terrorists like ISIS have murdered thousands of Christians in Syria.  We have watched our policies turn the nation of Syria into rubble.  Why would we do this?  Let me give you one hint:  (it is the root of all evil.)  Money.  Gas pipeline form Qatar to Europe.  Big money for someone in high places.  Certainly not you or I.  And certainly not the more than 400,000 Syrians that are dead at the hands of jihadists.  

Somehow we believe that Assad who is fighting against hordes of ISIS terrorists with the help of the Russians, and starting to win, would turn around and gas his own people.  Not the terrorists that are shooting at him and raping and pillaging his land.  No, we in all our wisdom think that he would gas his own people just like the "officials" told us that he did.  No need to verify it.  No need to put inspectors on the ground to check out the alligations.  Just the word of president Macron who will not give us evidence.  

Meanwhile Russia says that there is "proof" that the attack was staged by the Brittish.

Do we as Americans need more blood on our hands?

Do we really want to pay the bill for OUR OUTRIGHT AGGRESSION AND ARROGANCE?

Is some billionaire getting richer worth our nation being responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths?


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