Well, until World War 3 makes the US have to move.

I think World War 3 started with Syria, but won't blow up until the American invasion of Iran...

Then, America, China and Russia will be at war, no matter how covert and secretive this war may actually be...

"Trade Wars" and "Currency Wars" and all of these are clear signs the fighting began over a decade ago.

But WW3 will go Hot.; there's no real escaping it this time around. This globalized World Order is ripe for a genocidal mass-murder :$

Pray for this not to come true...

Let's all try to really be on our best, most conscious behavior... Our vibrations, actions and the way we fit into the picture of humanity... These all have an impact on the overall way these affairs play out...

There is a War going on for our Minds... If we are thinking, we are winning! Fight with tools xx

Thanks @Caitlin for doing just this :)

I think Russia and China know they can crush the US economy if they play smart,that's why I don't believe in the hot war.Plus pay attention to cryptos and the blockchain technology,the NWO is facing real problems soon.

Afghanistan 2.0

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