Synapse AI - Earn 50 free tokens for just signing up and verifying your email

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Earning free tokens in most of the cases requires one to join the telegram group, follow in facebook, twitter, reddit and like, share and tweet and blah, blah, blah. I hate doing that and i'm sure you do too. I happen to stumble upon an ico which has no such hassles.

Synapse AI is an easy way to earn free tokens by just signing up with your email account and verify the email.

Below are the easy step-by-step guide to get 50 SYN tokens for free.

(1) Go to the official website using the link

(2) Click the Sign up button

(3) Provide your basic information along with a valid email in the form and
click Create Account

(4) Check your email verify your account using the link provided in the email

(5) Upon login you will find that you have received your 50 free tokens in the dashboard

Important things to remember

  1. Don't forget to add your ERC-20 compatible Ethereum Wallet Address in the wallet tab
  2. You will find the referral link in the referral tab which you can share with your friends to get 100 SYN tokens for every person who joins using the referral link.
  3. Actual credibility of this ICO is unknown so do your own research if you want to invest your hard earned money purchasing SYN tokens.


Image source: Synapse AI

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