STOX - Fun way to earn cryptocurrency using Prediction markets

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What is Stox?

Stox is a platform for Prediction Market which is built on top of Ethereum network. Stock's Prediction market allows people to predict on the real world outcomes in any imaginable category. It was developed by which has been in the investment field since 2014.

Quick Facts on
3 million registered users
8 million transactions last year
Employs over 200 employees across 5 countries

How Stox Ecosystem works

Stox Ecosystem consists of 3 agents: Providers, Operators and Users.

An entity can act as both a provider an operator too. Stox Platform also provides tools like Affiliate program, Syndication programs and Promotional Credit Mechanism to help incentivise the providers, operators and users.

How is Stox Token used

STX (Stox Token) is the cryptocurrency with $18 Million dollars Market Cap. This token used for all the activity in the Stox ecosystem. Users require STX to be able to predict an event outcome and invest. Event operators are required to hold STX as collateral for publishing new events and Providers are also required to hold STX to participate in Stox network and generate revenue from it.

How Prediction works?

Prediction market is pretty straight forward. You simply choose the outcome of the option provided in the event and mention how much STX you want to invest. Below is an sample prediction of football league map.

I like Arsenal so i want to bet on them. So i click on Arsenal and choose how much STX i want to bet. In this case i used 5 STX. And the percentage in the bottom left corner shows how many percentage of people betted on that outcome and the bottom right show how much STX is invested in the outcome. Only 20% chose Arsenal so potential profit for choosing Arsenal is more than choosing Man City.

Good News is you get 5 free STX for just signing up. So don't forget to register for STOX in the below signup button and try your luck in prediction market.


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thank you @gaman . Really appreciate it

Thank you! I've been using Cindicator for a couple weeks and this sounds very similar. I'll be signing up for an account from your link and Resteeming this to spread the word.

Did you try the platform yourself?

Yes i did it try it myself. Screenshots of predictions were from my account

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