Quarantine will last a very long time

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The 2019-2020 school year is over. Students will not return to class. Numbers are wrong. Politicians are corrupted liars.

As soon as we heard about the virus, we talked with a college of mine in january about the coronavirus spread in China and we both concluded to the need of a total shutdown in Italy.

We are well prepared
Alain Berset on January 22

Not enough masks, disinfectant, beds, ventilators... Too much deaths.


It is time to nationalize the factories and produce drugs and medical equipment in Europe.

Switzerland, flagship of pharmaceuticals and chemicals, has its medicines produced in China! What a shame!


Very good post my friend!
It's time to think about centralizing the production of all kinds of goods and their main components.
I hope they will manage this crisis with common sense and peace.


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