TSP Excerpt: Why Ethereum Devs Should #SwitchToSteem

In this short excerpt from the latest episode of The Steemit Podcast, the co-creator of Cache The Game (Erik Johnson) explains why he decided to move his game from Ethereum to Steem, despite years of investing in that platform. While, Erik isn't abandoning Ethereum entirely, or any other blockchain protocol, in this short clip he explains why he decided to lean so heavily on Steem as opposed to any "smart contracts" platform like Ethereum or EOS.

If you found that excerpt interesting, be sure to check out the full interview in either audio or video format below, and be sure to check out Erik's #introduceyourself post here

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I hope that will happen someday.

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Get it! :D

Great job guys

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Whats the update with this project. The last post was 3 months ago, no news, no updates. Are they no longer coming to steem?

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