Swim workout today

in #swim6 years ago

It was another nice day for a swim, about 70* f and sunny!

Today's swim was 3050 yards over 1hr and 20 minutes. Moving time was 1' hr 11"

I pretty much swam the first 1,000 yards non stop which is really good for me. I found that if I go slow, I do not run out of breath too easy and I can continue to swim. I'm still working on alternate breathing, my head does not want to turn to the left very well.

It takes a lot of practice and only going once a week does not cut it as far as improving, especially when your doing it on your own. No coach...

I've progressed a lot since my beginning last summer, so I'm happy with that !


Swimming is my favorite workout

Wow, another swimmer.... I go almost once a week when the weather is good since the pools that I go to are outdoors.

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