SwiftCash Proposal - MSG768 Reimbursement

in swiftpreproposal •  3 months ago

So unfortunately price is still way below where I thought it would be now but for the next 3 months, I'm going to ask for the same amount - that is 250K SWIFT which is about 800 USD at this price which is honestly ridiculous but in order to show my dedication to the project, I'm going to do this and I think we should all look beyond the last price, and try to think in terms of SWIFT not USD, because not only does the last price can almost always be deceptive, but also one of the objections we had to how these things were managed with SmartCash was the USD peg of the salaries and budgets.

I'm also going to ask for 10K SWIFT per month for the fee of the explorer's vps. For the tipbots and the swiftminer and some other things, I'm using my own servers which I have to pay for it anyway, so I'm only going to ask to be reimbursed for the explorer which is about 20 USD per month. Keep in mind that the reason I ask for more than 20 USD per month for the next 3 months is because of not asking for it in the previous month and a half.

Amount(p/m): 260K SWIFT

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