Strawberry mousse..

in sweet •  2 years ago  (edited)

Very yummy and the kids love it.. :))

How to make strawberry mousse


• 1 envelope of gelatin without flavor;
• 4 pots of natural yogurt;
• 5 cups (tea) of ripe strawberries, sanitized and dried.


  • 1 Dissolve unflavored gelatin as recommended on the package;
  • 2 Put the yoghurt, strawberries and jello in the blender and blend well;
  • 3 Pour the contents into very nice shapes and refrigerate for at least 4 hours;
  • 4 Decorate with strawberry pieces.

upvote and follow, thanks!!:))

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Oh, I am going to have to try this!

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Eduardo! That is NOT on my diet😂😂! But sure looks good! Do you eat fruits is that ok on this high protein diet I mean I did lose weight fast and I eat a plum and s nectarine everyday thanks for resteeming!

I do it for my kids, but I eat (every two weeks) just before my workout to have more energy and always in control of calories and sugars with low glycemic index, like apples, pear, nectarine and peaches !! :)
I love sharing my story with our steemit friends, lots of love and positive energy for everyone, thanks !! :))

Yes you should do that because you exercise but I don't do I can't do that I won't lose weight

looks yummy

thanks @silvia!!:))

Awwstrawberry! will try this next time... :)

yes please and positive energy for you!!:))