New Swapsteem - Swapsteem Past HF21

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Hello Steemians,

HF21 is about to happen and with this new hard fork, we are going to see some changes to the steem ecosystem, hopefully for the better.

We @swapsteem, have created a p2p exchange for Steem based tokens to fiat currencies securely without having to send funds to a third party exchange. So far, we have been testing our public beta and have got some good response from the active community members, although not much volume, probably due to decline in the popularity of steem. We hope things will change past the new hard fork and we will soon see an influx of users coming to the steem block chain.

Swapsteem Exchange

Now that we have tested our beta release, we will be announcing our full fledged exchange launch once HF21 is implemented and stable. We have added some cool features to the existing exchange to make the process easier and secure to the end users.

What's new?

We have added STEEMP to the exchange and will also add other SE tokens on listing basis. A fixed fee will be charged to list new SE tokens.
This will enable trading of SE based tokens to fiat currencies near instantly without having to convert the tokens to STEEMP.

We have also added our SWEET tokens as a utility token for trading, therefore users will have to pay/stake SWEET tokens in order to use the swapsteem platform.

What's next?

Once the exchange is live, we will be introducing our own tribe based on SE and nitrous. This will enable users to earn SWAP tokens via PoB, PoS and PoMining algorithms.

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Can't wait to see your new Swapsteem Exchange!

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Sounds interesting. Upvoted and resteemed.

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So Sweet. I just upvoted and resteemed into my page to share the steem world

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Looking forward to see your new exchange and it's cool that you'll include SE tokens on it!

Can you give an estimate of when the exchange will be back online? @swapsteem

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