🔥 Steemit Vision Quest - Week 13: “Star Medicine”

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I usually document my vision through poetry, it is one of my favourite ways to express myself and I always enjoy the creative process because at times I really do not know where it will lead me, it is a journey in itself that always surprises and excites me. I just put my pen to paper and let it all flow out.

But this time it is not through poetry that my expression comes. It is through my understanding of the world and our relationship with the earth that calls out to me, it is walking barefoot and making contact with the earth. It is seeing and feeling the connection between all things. We are made up of energy, we all transmit vibrations that we spread out into the world. Those vibrations represent our physical, mental and spiritual well being. If we want to consciously send out healing vibrations to one another and to the world, we first need to heal ourselves.

Heal ourselves, how can we do that?

We do that by being aware, aware of what we put on and in our bodies. Aware of what we put in the earth. We do it by being aware of how our actions have a direct effect on our lives and those around us.Our bodies need to be nurtured, in doing just that we can nurture others. The best way to nurture ourselves is to feed our bodies with what comes naturally from the earth.

Image Source:http://blog.davidhthomas.net/2010/11/bodybreath-awareness-part-7-of-the-series-on-7-musical-intelligences/

What is above is below, it is all connected. The sky, the stars, the sun (which is itself a star) feed our soil, they have a huge hand in creating our soil. It is from this soil that our food comes from. The plants that hold their own vibration and feed our whole being, that nurture our whole being. If we are to continue to move forward in a way that will create change and bring awareness we must reach out to the earth, that which provides us with so much abundance.

Spring is the time of rebirth and new growth, it is the time of creating tonics and cleansing our bodies, preparing ourselves for all our dreams and visions to become reality. It is time for us to take action. To be in harmony with our environment, to be in tune. I have felt and bared witness to imbalance in my life, but by nurturing myself with natural medicine, I have felt myself come back into balance.

I know that the earth provides for us, then when we are living in one place for a while, the land around us will provide all the 'medicine' we need, it will become in-tune with our needs.

Image Source:https://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/align-your-vibration-to-resonate-with-the-earth/

How? I hear you ask.

Well first we need to make that connection, one way is by walking barefoot on the ground, by making contact with the bare ground. By doing this we are also allowing our body to send out negative energies to be recharged and bring in or breathe in positive energy. We are connecting and exchanging at the same time.

Another way is to directly urinate on your land. I understand that some people may be a little uncomfortable with this, but when we do we are communicating with the land and telling them what nutrients our bodies are in need of. You will become amazed at the 'Medicinal Herbs' that the land will provide just for your needs. These same herbs will also be ones that will help you both spiritually and mentally. Helping you to remove emotional blocks or fears, helping you to move forward.

Herbs work on so many different levels and really do treat the whole and not just the symptom like modern medicine. The earth, the soil, provides us with this amazing opportunity to be part of a circle where in we exchange energy and waste or fertilizer for a healthy self and earth. It is an exchange that is very under used but so available and in abundance and most importantly it is free. It is empowering, it is allowing us to heal ourselves holistically.

Image Source:https://www.dabahdesigns.com/nj-landscape-design-blog/2017/8/1/improving-your-garden-from-the-ground-up

Star Medicine

To me Star Medicine is more than herbs, it is the very soil itself, it is our Earths Skin and through our contact with this star medicine we experience so much healing. It provides so much abundance, everything we need to live comes from the soil. Our connection to it keeps us in balance and I really believe that if more people made direct contact with the soil, worked with it, walked bare foot on it, nourished and feed it, we would feel more in balance. In this modern age we are being pulled away from what is natural, away from soil. Some call it dirt, and consider it as something negative. Creating chemical treatments to clean this dirt from their homes and getting upset when their children get dirty. I have seen children get upset when they get dirty. Yet this dirt contains so many microbes that are beneficial for our bodies, that allow our immune system to mature and function probably.

We are so lucky to have this Star Medicine for free, yet some are destroying it. They have lost their connection to it. Our whole survival relies on this medicine, we need to start to protect it and fight for it. So today or tomorrow take some time to walk barefoot to connect and at the same time recharge yourself. Make a conscious effort to really allow yourself to feel the soil/earth beneath your feet. Pick some up in your hands and be grateful for this amazing life source that we have.

The message to me is very clear so far in this vision quest, it is a message to remember and reconnect


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Beatiful my dear friend, I love to walk barefoot on mother earth. This is so well written and comes from deep within you. Amazing and inspiring!

thank you Niina xx

Reading your post felt like my mom was talking to me. She is the one who taught me about the healing power of the mother Earth and the importance of keeping this connection throughout my life.

thank you @lymepoet that I take as a huge compliment xx

Here's to more gardening in schools, hikes on weekends and fewer sandpits and playgrounds. An apple a day and a handful of earth keep the doctor away. The stars are all around us. TY for reminding us so poetically.

you're very welcome thank you @sukhasanasister

Ah, your post brings to mind a favorite song of mine: "Dirt," by Phish. I'm really grateful for your post, and the way you've spoken openly about the gifts that occur when we connect with nature. Yes, I've often though of the medicine that comes to us from the land, and the sky, and I love your way of suggesting subtly that we also bring medicine to our surroundings. I hadn't thought about it exactly in the way you've described it, so I'm excited for this new possibility. Yes, and I love your idea that walking barefoot (and even urinating outdoors) will help the land to help us because in this way the land will acclimate to us, just as we acclimate to the land. #truth

We celebrate your Creative Spirit, and we appreciate your entry in Steemit Vision Quest.

May you receive all you seek.

thank you @cabelindsay, I really am enjoying this quest, I feel myself growing with it, it allows me to speak from my truth from my heart xx

I love gardening in bare feet, although it does make for a lot of scrubbing. I have always done that, feeling a conscious connection to the vibration of the earth without knowing it was a thing I should do... it just felt right, as if I was worshipping the beauty that bore me and would receive me. Jamie always worries I will fork myself or chop my toes off with the shovel.

as above, so below


thank you @riverflows, I hear you I feel the same, it is so nice to connect with like minded people on here who see the wonder we are surrounded by and celebrate it xx I love this

as if I was worshipping the beauty that bore me and would receive me.

right on sister xx


Oh my, I really resonate with what you're saying about being barefoot and letting the land get to know us. And then the land loves us, and brings us what we need to survive and thrive. Yes, yes, yes! I'm upping and resteeming.

thank you @wildfamily, really happy you connect with what I am saying x

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