Steemit Vision Quest #20 ~ "Come And Find Me,"said the Sun to the Lotus

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This is my unofficial entry for the Steemit Vision Quest #20 ~ by @cabelindsay- Theme: From The Mud The Lotus Blooms" - What Does Your Higher Self See?

You can find the original post here:

Thanks to @cabelindsay for being obedient and following the vision of this creative spiritual- conscious- journey projection. Many have heard and answered the call. They have created powerful posts that have inspired many during the last 20 weeks of the Steemit Vision Quest.

As I meditated on this week's theme for the SVQ and took it all in this is what was revealed to me:


“Come and find me." said the Lotus to the Sun

And we will dance your whole life through

You know I love you but there are just some things
That I will not help you through”

From your meager humble beginnings

You must endure the muddy muck and mire
Of the underbelly of the world
That you have been born into

You must withstand stagnate still waters

And insects crawling all over you.

And you must wait

And stand still
And remain folded within.

At your beginning

What’s happening in the outside world
Has nothing to do with you.
Your focus, your life will only exist within

You will begin your days by reaching inward and not out

By loving yourself while suspended in stillness

Yet the universe will lift you

Help you to extend

Beyond the waters that were never meant to be
A place of permanence
You were embodied in a liquid cocoon


Suddenly you broke free

Beyond your watery bed...home.

To the air and as you begin to reach and unfold

Your petals, at this moment you experience
Me the Sun and the Wind
And the humans that will watch you from afar
They will be in awe of your beauty
And they will go on to study you and sing your praises

Oh Beloved Lotus

This is why no assistance was given to you.
It was your struggles and your living through
What may to some appear to be impossible
And unspeakable conditions

Yet you were embodied with an enduring eternal strength
That cannot be put into words
That caused you to have a grand rising
Causing onlookers to bow in submission
As they witness you coming to fruition
Oh so beautiful and Magnificently

And as the sun shined brightly on the Lotus

It asked, shall we dance?

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such an elaborate vision. of a lotus. this is. this must have taken quite some time. i'm happy for you to share whats inside your beautiful mind.

Thank you for reading and your kind comments @franciferrer.

Fantastic writing / channeling and imagery. I love where you take us with this. Right down to the mucky, murky mess at the bottom of a pond, where the silt settles, surrounding a seed like a black blanket. And somehow in the meeting of water and fire, light finds its way to the life, and life finds its way to the light.

The universe will lift you.

We celebrate your Creative Spirit, and we appreciate your entry in Steemit Vision Quest.

May you receive all you seek.

Thank you the theme took me on a Vision Quest. Thanks for all you do @cabelindsay.

Aw, my pleasure. I love you, you know. You're a precious person in my life, sister. It's because of you that #SVQ is still active, working to find its way through the waves, just as we all are rocking and rowing the boat, floating, going drifting with the flow of Spirit.

So true we are all going drifting with the flow of Spirit. Also we can resume communication by email. to discuss our favorites for each week. I think I missed this week. But we can start again for the next entry and also you can contact me in the tribe on Discord and post anything there you like. We will keep in touch, my brother. Sending loving energies to you and your lovely wife and children.

Right on. Thank you again. OK, yes, email seems to be easiest for me. Somehow, I'm still feeling a bit of discord with Discord. ;)

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