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RE: Sky Meets Sea

in #svg3 years ago (edited)

Upvoting and resteeming, because this image is mesmerizing to me. I just love it! So fun, and rich with the violet hues, the mountains, the jellies, the woman looking out into the wonderland... And your words articulate the Divine Mystery so well:

You either skyrocket or plummet in such great heights or depths.

Yes, indeed, I'm feeling the downslope of the emotional waves these past few days, and from down here things are looking up!

Thank you for your superb entry in the Steemit Vision Quest.

Wishing you a brilliant and beautiful future.


Thank you, Cabe! I took this photo in one summer of 2016, where I was in an emotional rut and thought I'd be forever stuck. But here I am now, always moving upward. :) Hope to see more of these enlightening art challenges. :)