EcoSwell will be the Alternative LifeStyle Talk Show Tomorrow!

in #sustainability5 years ago

EcoSwell will be on “The Alternative LifeStyle” this Friday September 14 at 3pm (Peruvian Time)! Two of our volunteers, Anthony Rizzi and Joris Simiatis, will be talking about their time at EcoSwell and the various projects they are currently working on, including the solar distiller and the surfonomics study. The Alternative LifeStyle is a radio talk show in the UK that features sustainable projects, organizations, and people. Tune in to the Alternative LifeStyle talk show on MSP Waves Radio (, DLive, or PAL Discord server.

Check out this Friday’s guests here:


I look forward to talking with you both on The Alternative Lifestyle Show in 90 minutes.

Host of Here Comes The News on MSP Waves Radio.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

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