The Prepper Purse; The Female EDC

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In an earlier post we discussed the necessity of an EDC for survival purposes. In this post we have assembled content based on various interviews with females within the prepper community. Regardless of what a woman keeps in her purse, the items contained within are treasured as necessary for everyday life. This applies to teenage females as well, who generally think of their purses as carry-all make-up kits; they tend to think that they may not make it through the day if they do not have their purses packed with the proper shades of lipstick and eyeliner.

No matter what you are using for day-to-day purposes, remember that weight is an issue. Just because items will fit in your purse does not mean you should put them all in it. Think of your purse as your everyday carry (EDC) kit, or a “get home” bag, supplemented by the supplies kept in your vehicle. From things as simple as a few Band-Aids® to a pistol, each item in your purse serves a vital purpose in both your daily life, and in emergencies.

If you are trying to decide what items should go in your handbag, give the lists of supplies below a look and personalize your own bag appropriately. When deciding what will go in your purse, look for items that will pull double or even triple duty. For example, a knife with a ferro rod in the handle can be used for cutting rope, as well as starting a fire. This will reduce weight, which is going to accumulate with each piece of gear you place in the purse.


In the image above we can see several of the items that should be in a prepper purse if it is to serve the dual purpose of carrying essential emergency preparedness gear and supplies. Below is a list that accompanies the items in the picture above.
• Keys with small flashlight
• Wallet with appropriate identification/licenses, cash, cards, etc.
• Leather gloves
• Carabiner-style clip with CPR shield, small LED flashlight, and essential oil vial case (clipped on strap for easy access)
Pocket knife (in addition to smaller one normally on body; a multi-tool is also a good choice)
• Zippo® lighter
• Stainless steel water bottle
• Cell phone & iPod
• Hard-sided glasses case with sunglasses and cleaning cloth
• Mints, hard candies, granola bars
• Calendar/contact book
• Cloth hand fan
• Handkerchief, bandana, and wash cloth style “sweat rag,” all of which have multiple use options from runny noses to bandages, trail marker to water filtration to a stand-in for a feminine pad
• Makeup bag with: lip balm, hand lotion, pain relievers, hand sanitizer spray, sunscreen stick, nail clippers, dental floss, peppermint essential oil beads, plastic toothpick wrapped in about six inches of duct tape, eyeglass repair kit, and keys to a family member’s house for emergency entry
• Makeup bag with: hair tie and clips, bobby pins, diaper pins, adhesive bandages, Neosporin® spray, a small measuring tape, sanitizing wipes, and insect repellent wipes
• Plastic sandwich bag with various types of feminine supplies
• Tactical pen!
• Small notepad with pen
• Holstered pistol and spare magazine in concealed carry pocket when not on body; spare mag only when pistol is carried on body


As a bare minimum, the items carried with you on a daily basis should be able to provide you with the ability to make it to a larger cache of material, such as a bug out bag, vehicle emergency preparedness kit, or a completely stocked survival bunker.

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Firm believer here in revolver for the purse or pocket... too much going on in that thar bag.

With a trigger job on a laser gripped J-Frame, it is one fast reliable (stressed ready) EDC.

A great list though.

PS your website is great especially the foraging part... people have no clue, they kill the dandelions in their own yard with Roundup (agent orange).


i think that's a great edc setup but why not add a swiss army knife? I carry at least one very day and i couldn't live without it anymore. Check out my edc here:

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