What we have for Steem, Steemit and Humanity

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Hello Steemians!

Sequel to our introductory post. We saw a necessity to indicate what we have for steem, steemit and humanity at large.

On Steem

  1. We are currently actively building two platforms on the steem blockchain

    • a stackoverflow implementation with the steem blockchain where people get rewarded for asking questions and answering questions as well plus encouraging votes on accepted answers.
    • a platform that encourages learning and personal development
  2. We are planning and writing a concise curriculum on how to build solutions on the steem blockchain. A resource that will guide both intermediate and experts in building steemit applications in no time. It's going to be open source.


  1. Encourage Steemians to learn, acquire skills and develop themselves through challenges and contests. Timetable coming out soon.
    Areas to be covered includes programming, hardware/robotics, design, bots, plugins and general knowledge.

  2. Write educative articles and contents that span across programming that span across areas aforementioned. Articles will be written regularly by nerds @nerdgarage. Steemians can also tag us (but please don't spam).

for humanity

We are supercharged to build solutions that solve that the current problems of the world and the developing nations.

An onsite internship will be open by May 2018 and plans are on the way to have interns remotely as well. Openings will soon be open for different categories mainly:

  • Frontend web development (remote friendly)
  • Backend web development (remote friendly)
  • full-stack web development (remote friendly)
  • Bot development (remote friendly)
  • Hardware/Robotics (onsite only)
  • Product design, UI/UX and branding (remote friendly)

If you need our service or will love to have a few words with us

Shoot us an email at [email protected]

We can't wait to hear from you. Let's talk about the next big thing.

Special thanks to @surpassinggoogle for his support, motivation and mentorship for the NerdGarage team. We appreciate you, sir. To everyone that read this and support us in every way, we say thank you. We can't really do much here without your support.

Signed: @jalasem


Thanks so much for the post.
Appreciate you more @surpassinggoogle

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Keep shining boss, you are the best!

The sky is the starting point boss

This is a great development, how can interested Individuals join the team??

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