Belated Happy Birthday to the one and only @surpassinggoogle of @steemgigs and @teardrops!

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Although that I've managed to greet @surpassinggoogle via comments in one of his posts, I would like to make this post to show my gratitude because not only that he has help with the likes of me but also he also help other newcomers as well which he welcomed them with open arms which I was able to witness in my 3 month stay of this platform.

Not to mention that one of his projects namely @steemgigs and @teardrops has starting to bore fruit which is cemented his presence as one of the whales minnows looked up to.


But I know and fully aware that he could not do it all alone on his own since there are so many minnows needed him so much yet I felt pretty powerless in helping despite of strength in numbers (I'm almost 20 SP) which is why that I am thinking ways on how to buy steem or SP externally without of those high fees for now that it will be on the later time.


My personal wish for him was that may his projects and plans will be successful, able to touch more people's lives and inspire to help others and be the whale with a heart.

I'm glad that I was able to meet you in person and I will never forget your gestures of kindness both in online and in offline.

Belated Happy Birthday to you my friend!

Note: The pictures taken with my first meetup with steemitph Manila at UP Diliman which I wrote that said article: Click Here

Not to mention that this post is also part of my fund raising efforts for my younger brother (I have yet to pay my borrower and my IDs were still with her so to speak) which I am thankful for @luvabi for lending her Nebulizer to me for the meantime (I prayed that there is something good for her and her family): Click Here

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