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Imagining getting 100% upvote from surpassinggoogle.
How will you feel?
Write under the post below as a comment to give an answers to the question and also drop your link to your recent post, you might be lucky to get an upvote from @surpassinggoolgle, who knows.

My own answers to question

  • JOYFUL Teardrops will be forced out from me(I have been seeing the teardrop publicity but I have never felt it on steemit before), it will be like a dream come true for me.
    Tears will be turned into beauty

  • It be like a word of encouragement for me to keep steeming harder.

I can't wait to see your answers to the comment under this post.....ANY ONE THAT GOT AN UPVOTE FROM @surpassinggoogle in his/her link shared in the comment will get free SBD's(I will not disclose the prize yet, its a surprise gift from me @hellenna)


REWARDS will be given after this post payout

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Thanks @hellenna for this contest.

Below is my entry:

@surpassinggoogle is one of the big boss and compassionate whale in this community and his vote worth alot to minnow like me. If i can get 100% upvote from him, OMG I will firstly faint and once I wake up, I will then be praying for the price of SBD to increased and also be praying for him to check my post regularly. His 100% upvote can change my family financial status especially my brother's school fees which his still struggling to pay.

Link to my recent post: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@juliusjamex/my-suggestion-for-steemit-to-add-notification-push-up-and-instant-chat-messaging

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Overflow of happy tears because have never got such ever since join this community. I will forever be grateful


I will just get crazy his a boss
Reestemed voted and followed you

Here is a link to a post surpassinggoogle voted me disclose the price please for more trust

Lol, the devil is powerful, I have been trying to paste my link but it is just not working... But I know my God is powerful, nothing is impossible for Him, if he really want at @surpassinggoogle to upvote me, He will make him locate my blog... I believe in miracles....

Feel so impress.
I might be more active on this platform.

100% upvote from @surpassinggoogle? Phew.... I'll check and recheck to be sure i'm not dreaming. But if it's eventually real, i'll be so happy that people will notice something unusual. It worths it.
My recent post here https://steemit.com/steemit/@unicorn3221/in-a-relationship-without-knowing-it

I don't know what to say and am still short of words, are you guys hoping and praying that @surpassinggoogle gives you an 100% Upvote, common, what happened to making quality post and let the tides of time act on it and making it click at the right time that it attract his attention, am praying to work more on my blog, give more to this community, develop the steemit community in the little way I can, because I know that by doing that not only @surpassinggoogle will give me Upvote but all the big kind hearted whales 🐳 will give me there 100% Upvote,
Work and Pray

It's Gonna be exciting and I will feel Elated and Encouraged to do More on Steemit.