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This is a breathtaking collection of the biggest waves ever surfed! The power of these waves is almost beyond belief, the grit and determination of these surfers is legendary. People regularly surf waves now that just 20 years ago were thought impossible. Being towed into waves by a jet-ski is essential for the very biggest waves (around 50ft plus). A human cannot paddle fast enough to get "in" to such waves! Now with the assistance of jet-skis, numerous new big wave spots have become possible to attempt. Also the jet-skis and the brave watermen who pilot them have become a lifeline to those extreme surfers that surf where no one else could possibly help them when they get into difficulty!

  • Puerto Escondido (Mexico): 7 M. - 25 FT. | Mark Healey (2015)
  • Waimea Bay (Hawaii): 10 M. - 33 FT. | Ramón Navarro (2009)
  • Teahupoo (French Polynesia): 10 M. - 33 FT. | Manoa Drollet (2006)
  • Mavericks (San Francisco): 12 M. - 40 FT. | Jay Moriarity (1994)
  • Prowlers (Ireland): 16M. - 55 FT. | Kurt-Rist - (2014) UPDATE
  • Belharra (France): 18 M. - 60 FT. | Jamie Mitchell (2014)
  • Jaws (Hawaii): 18 M. - 60 FT. | Mike Parsons (2003)
  • Jaws (Hawaii): 19 M. - 63 FT. | Aaron Gold (2016)
  • Cortes Bank (North Pacific Ocean): 23 M. - 77 FT. | Mike Parsons (2008)
  • Nazaré (Portugal): 30 M. - 100 FT. | Garrett McNamara (2013)
  • Nazaré (Portugal): 33 M. - 108 FT. | Benjamin Sanchis (2014)


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amazing :D


Thank you ChampagneCrypto!
Good to see you :D

As you know I used to be an avid surfer and even more so a radical windsurfer. The sound alone of these waves sends shudder through, my being... Not to mention seeing them!

What an amazing compilation, thanks for sharing this magistral collection with us.

Namaste :)

Thank you Eric,
Yes, incredible cinematography, capturing those sea giants!

keep well :D

After I read this post and watched the video I was speechless. Just Amazing..
I would love to surf one day but that scared me a bit.
Good work!

Hello Amy,
Go for it - you CAN do it! ... maybe smaller waves to start hehe!
On small 3 to 4 ft waves it is really fun and easy to learn.

It is a life changing sport ... try it!

Following you now also :D

Yes I will definitly try it.
In May I will go to Puerte Vallarta in Mexico to the pacific side.
I´ll start to learn there!

for me it's so terrifying coz I'm too scared of big waters...

I once surfed a 50 ft wave somewhere in Mexico. It will go down as one of the greatest moments of my life. I almost died in it by I also had so much fun. There weren't even that many waves that day it was just out of the blue and I jumped up and went to work.

Amazing! exciting but scary ...

Hello ttenaj2018,
Thank you - yes very :D

Hi! icedrum
I don't think I can do it, to ride waves ... maybe because I'm not a good swimmer. But those who has enough practice and passion become a great surfer maybe...

an amazing advancement is really helpful for surf lovers to conquer the waves .. thank you

Thank you Aby!
Much appreciated :D

It is really helpfull dear Thanks for sharing such an amazing post

Thank you Cristi ... glad that was helpful :D

Thank you yassinof :D

Amazing. Last one is bigger than 10 storied building

when i saw this post.i remember the movie point break.

Those waves look so beautiful and powerful. But as someone who can't swim and is scared of large bodies of water, I'd start running away to the see once I see that arise 😅😅

wow! the second wave tho!
that is scary as hell!!

Hello adekogbe,
Great to meet you - haha yes! - They just get more dangerous as the video goes on :D

Ah, Jay Moriarity- one of my absolute heros! He was not only an amazing surfer but also an amazing person in general. He was one of those special people that truly cared about others and listened when you talked...

Jay died Freediving in the Maldives..He was a go-getter and this unfortunately led to his demise. Very sad...He really deserved a longer life..He always thought he’d die young and he did.


Really cool post!

Thank you The Essential :D

Absolutely friend!

Insane video! I wish I could learn how to surf someday! Looks fun!

wow..awsome pic..
& beatiful post..
i like it.. @icedrum...brooo

I think that sport is only for very brave people and that they are not afraid of dying. I was in Puerto Escondido, but the waves were not so great in the month that I went, it is very exciting to see how they suffer

My goodness isn't this a blast? Woq

That’s scary as h-e-double-hockey-sticks! 😳👀 #Nope

Wow These waves are incredible! i'm unable to imagine the view from the surfboard since I've never had the opportunity to surf but these waves are bigger than some houses! Keep up the amazing content, have a nice Day or night. Steem-on! @icedrum

Note: I used to watch the waves when I lived in Hawaii and during the winter they would close the beach because they were monstrous! It was surreal...

Video is really great . I appreciate ..

That is amazing! Really incredible!


Thank-you for YOUR awesome support!!!


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Thank-you for you comments and support.

Thank you for sharing with us

So cool!
I’ve tried surfing on Siargao island. It’s the surfing capital here in the Philippines.

I thought yesterday was finally the revenge.

Thank you for your information.

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Oh, the power of these magnificent waves, bigger and more challenging the more these Surfing artist show us their desire to crest the top of these watery mammoths and hang ten!
Havent seen that yet on these big monsters, but its possible!
Great post thank you for your veiws of an endless summer!

Omg is it real?! That looks like the scene of movie!!! Love it!👀

Sweet, crazy as hell, I love it!!

Thanks for the information and guidance dear sir

Always be subdued by the power of nature and pay tribute to those who chase after ideals and beliefs!

Really help surf lovers. Amazing Exiting scray

Everyone can surf, one need just to find the right wave. I recommend going north to learn to surf. Nice wave and serenity in a beautiful nature and not much surfers. This is from a secret spot in Sweden. 12510295_10153859377892744_6653512626769858065_n.jpg

Oh man, I love surfing cold waves. Just made my first post about it! Would love to surf Sweeden one day. How's it in the summer?

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It reminds me of tsunami, when natur is angry nothing can stop it . No one know what will happens in the futur lets share love peace and enjoy the moment

superrrrrrrr :)