UPcoin - A HOT New Crypto Exchange - Apply Now Get $500 towards trading fees!!

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What is UPcoin?

UPcoin is a fast, safe and convenient crypto exchange, supporting both cryptos and fiat currencies. Trading starts in March 2018. The first 100,000 applicants will receive $500 towards their trading fees! I can confirm they are true to their word and after completing the application and a 3 minute survey I have $500 in my new account!

Read more about UPcoin below - But if you just cannot wait - here is my referral code: https://upcoin.com/?ID=650323d4

UPcoin's Mission

UPcoin's mission is to become world’s #1 exchange and become the fastest, safest and most convenient for traders from all over the world. Prior to launching our campaign, we did a series of closed interviews with 400 traders, both beginners and professionals, in order to find out the needs and problems typically experienced at other exchanges. Results were astonishing: 90% of traders provided identical responses! Survey results obtained during pre-launch only confirmed the problems voiced by our focus group. UPcoin’s strategy therefore is to address these issues and provide traders with a fast, safe and convenient place for trading. Over 400K+ registrations in just 6 days show the demand for exchanges that listen to their customers.

What makes UPcoin different from other exchanges: Speed

UPcoin’s server structure guarantees minimum waiting times and consistently high performance across the world. Our servers are located in all global regions: no matter what country you are trading from, UPcoin will always perform at top speed.
Based on results of load testing, UPcoin can process up to 5 million transactions per second. This number is ten times greater than any other exchange. This guarantees stable performance at all times.

  1. Safety
    Security is given top priority at UPcoin. Security audits were done by independent experts and we are confident the system is well protected. Still, we aim higher and in Q2 UPcoin will be launching a closed bounty program at hackerone.com, paying white hat hackers to test our security systems — this is a part of our continuous improvement process.

  2. Convenience & usability
    Many traders reported some exchanges were difficult to understand for beginners. To address this problem, a team of professional UX designers created a system that can be easily understood by beginners and effectively used by experienced traders.

  1. Choice of coins for trading
    UPcoin will list top 100 coins from start. Our goal is to have 1000 trading pairs by from start and our dev team has already added many of them. This is all done with you in mind, — trade your favorite coins at one exchange.
    We will keep adding tokens after launch.

  2. Variety of order types
    UPcoin will offer various order types for trading, including: limit order, market order, trailing stop, stop order, stop limit, immediate or cancel. Traders have asked for the trailing stop in particular and we heard them.
    Set your stop loss and take profit at the same time. If you have ever lost your money because you set a target price instead of a stop loss, you know how important this is. At UPcoin you will be able to set your stop loss and take profit at the same time, depending on which comes first. Setting stop loss and limit is very simple at UPcoin.com and is shown below:

  1. Responses within 24 hours or less. The problem of response times is one of the most topical for traders. No one has to wait for weeks or even months to just get a response, not necessarily a solution. UPcoin is going to change that. We guarantee a response within 24 hours or less.

Join with my referral link and I will be happy to provide you with extra technical assistance and trading advice.

Join UPcoin FAST to get your $500! - https://upcoin.com/?ID=650323d4


I have linked more exchanges below that I HIGHLY recommend joining - All are excellent and also have great referral programs which allow you to make passive income! (The common definition of passive income is income that you earn without being actively involved. That typically means that you continue to make income with no or very little effort on your part to maintain that cash flow.)

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UPcoin - A HOT New Crypto Exchange - Apply Now Get $500 towards trading fees!!
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Wow!!!! A great Salute to you. Many many respect

referral by you. you will get 50% of all fees generated by me :)

Hi qifenggan,
Yes this is true, if I get 50 referrals - and you can do the same too!
It is a superb opportunity - thank you very much for using my links - stay in touch!

I am following you now also :D

Thanks :)

Thank you Q!

Thank you for sharing this information with us, I am interested in the cryptocurrency market, but I have not taken the first step yet :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello Samir,
I would be very happy to help! Have you applied for any, or all of the accounts below? I would seriously recommend joining them all as your first step!

Do ask if you need more assistance at all :D

Following you now also!

Get an account TODAY with Kucoin exchange - Use this Invitation code: 7dPeh1

And Coss io exchange

And Binance Exchange

Join UPcoin FAST to get your $500! - https://upcoin.com/?ID=650323d4

Thank you very much for your help, I have a bittrex account, but even I did not start, I will try to make an account in upcoin and wait for the right moment to start

Excellent ... try Kucoin exchange also as they give you free alt coins if you buy just 1 kucoin which is about $10 dollars approximately.

Stay in touch :D

I have made an account in upcoin through your referral, now I have $ 500 :-) , thank you very much

UPcoin can process up to 5 million transactions per second. this is pretty amazing in the digital currency trading era, although I have not started yet, but with this information I am interested, maybe next time I will learn about its. Thanks @icedrum.

Hi Deni,
You should apply right away! - the offer is time limited! - Actually you really should get accounts at all the links above... they are a real HOT list and have some super bonuses!

Following you now also :D

Sound wonderful! It would be great to have an exchange with all those trading pairs!

good information sir

Thank you ramkishun,
Very pleased to meet you - did you use my links above? They are a short list of the hottest places to trade right now in my opinion!

Following you now also :D

Ok i will join upcoin

Good to see you soufianechakrouf!
Excellent! You will find enrolling quick and pain free - also you I recommend you join all the links I have listed above, they are all excellent and have brilliant bonus schemes.

following you now also :D

I just heard of it few days ago. this looks as a great project indeed and offers great deal for big traders, small traders could trade lifetime for free with this offer as well.
Thanks for sharing this great info.

Hi cryptosteve!
Good to see you - yes quite true!

A real pleasure - do apply right away to get the bonus - it is time limited :D

Yes I will for sure. thanks I am ready for it now

Thank you very much for sharing this post because you just did not share this post. This post has been written in a nice way by writing everything and I thank you again and again

Hello sojibul,
Pleased to meet you!
Have you tried the links? You should ... you could be the Crypto king one day!

Keep well :D

$500 ? Really!!!!

Hello Akintunde,
Sorry for my slow response ... yes really! It is only for trading fees and cannot be withdrawn ... but is GREAT to get into trading with NO fees :D

I also highly recommend HitBTC Exchange - because you can trade STEEM there!

keep well

Thanks man for this info

Hi Jacalf,
Which site is that screenshot from?

from their website

Nice info.

Thank you sheuan,
Have you got into Crypto yourself? It is a GREAT time ... price are super low! Please use my links above and ask if you need assistance :D

Well I joined this a few months ago and I am really happy to be a part of it , keep join and earn more

Very glad to hear that - thanks Bilal!

below is my referral link :
thank you.

Hi Sajan,
Well done! Do ask if you need any technical or crypto trading information.

Happy trading :D

Good article. Thank you, sir. I will follow the links. Good information.

Thank you scott,
Very much appreciated - do ask if you need any help or advice :D

Following you now also

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Thanks :D

I don't intend to insult the author nor defame your work, but in my opinion(whose opinion?) my opinion, don't you think it's to good to be true, @icedrum? I mean we're talking about tons of money over here, I'm very skeptic about it.
But thanks for bring this new information.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi Raven Ground,
Pleased to meet you! Actually it is not to good to be true! ... I have $500 in my account right now and I just applied today! This $500 is only towards trading fees - but that is a very real concern and a great saving!

Give it a whirl! And also I HIGHLY recommend joining all the exchanges I have linked above while you can for their excellent incentive schemes and features.

following you now also - Keep well :D

If it was $100 I would believe but $500? Then how are they going to make any money if I never buy high volumes of coins?

Hello Yippy,
That is a good question, this offer is only open to the first 100k registrations ... so there cost is not so great compared to the publicity this offer has created for them!
If you wish to take advantage sign up right away - I did earlier today and did get my $500 immediately :D

@icedrum, I ran through the net and check it from many forums, and I came into a conclusion that it is indeed not good to be true. It only gives us a headstart by giving us 500$ worth for only covering fee that are made during opening a lots or what you call trade...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi Ravenground,
$500 off your fees for anyone who wishes to trade is a fantastic bonus! I think it is one of the most generous reward programs I have found!

Thanks for your comments :D

Dear @icedrum , very very helpful article you posting here. I'll be following you regularly. Thank you so much for this.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you very much prabal :D

So they'll refund the costs to trade some bitcoin? lol

Haha no ... the 500 dollars is towards your trading fees - but a fantastic offer nonetheless!

What is the fee to trade one share of bitcoin?

Seems like bad timing.

Hello there,
Why ... do you mean the market crashing? Not a problem - it is a FANTASTIC time to buy BTC and various other crypto right now! Prices will of course rise again soon.

keep well :D

Yes. I think bitcoin will head to 0.

Haha wow ... interesting! But I think that is incredibly unlikely - the Dollar and other Fiat currencies are much more likely to crash!

The dollar will officially go up in price. I think bitcoins fees and trading time will make it die. I think the computers also cost a lot. I think steem and/or steem dollars will destroy bitcoin. They are already winning.

thank you for sharing
a wonderful post
good job
dear @icedrum

Good info! Summary: It's a pyramid scheme.

I thank you very much!

Thanks Toan :D

Thanks for sharing this, the future will somehow be interesting with the cryptocurrencies appearing in our generation. But alots of free dollars said will be release to an individual if a particular cryptocurrency account is created but not true such as electroneum.

Thanks KD :D

$500 'towards trading fees'? the headline seems a little bit deceiving

It certainly is. But it will only gives you 500$ for covering fees. What a pity. Everything has a definite price, bro.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi realcryptokev,
Yes towards trading fees - this is a real bonus if you trade, and from your name I assume you do! I did not add it to the tittle because it was just too long... but did clearly mention this in the first paragraph.
Do you have accounts at all exchanges I listed? There are some great incentive programs with each one!

Thanks for your comment :D

I'd say I'm a slightly above average trader in regards to volume. I am becoming more of a day trader these days due to the large volatility. I'm hesitant to just use anyones random referral link because I know I would be generating large recurring referral bonuses for whoever I join under. I currently am using binance but am looking to perhaps utilize another exchange for the currencies binance does not support.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi Kev,
Oh excellent - I would recommend Kucoin exchange for you - Use this Invitation code: 7dPeh1 - They have an excellent range of the very latest alt coins. I would be truly grateful if you did use my referral link... I would make a small commission from your trading fees, but you lose nothing as the cost is the same as if you had used no referral! So you will have lost nothing and helped a friend :D

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