Support minnows , Date 2.4.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 5 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50%-80% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?
reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).
List for today:

(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 60)


Good day to you @yoo1900

Thank you for your continual support to the minnows, bringing quality content to the forefront of Steemit, one day at a time. As always,

Much love,

Eventually, Steemit will ge there, it will become to popular for the "whales" to control. They are not winning the war..only battles.

@yoo1900 Thank you for all your Support to my fellow Minnows, but
both of those Accounts don't exist, or am I missing something?

Hello @yoo1900

Thanks for this awesome initiative to support minnows. I wish other successful Steemians with impressive SP would adopt this type of strategy. Thanks very much.

@eurogee of @euronation community

Waiting for that day when will you upvote my post.Congratulations to all the winner.Today I am making a post.@yoo1900 sir you are a real kind person who is always helping those who needs it.Thank's a lot to you.@upvoted

Congratulations to all the winner.Thank's to @yoo1900 sir for your continuous support for the minnows.Here at steemit only a few whales support minnows you are one of those.Thank's from deep end of my heart.

@yoo1900 you are doing a great job... But why aint you upvoting mine...i will be waiting ..😁

You are really doing a nice job sir.. I just pray this grace doesnt pass me by before my reputation gets to 60

Hahhahahha... Pray hard bro

It's like the Steemit lottery.. Congrats to the newbies...... Doing great work @yoo1900......

congratulation of five doing a great work dear..i know to you thanks for your amazing work of discovering undervalued quality contents..thanks to sharing for your good information... @yoo1900

Dear @yoo1900 i have put your name in steemauto and i am voting you for more than a month due to your great work. Keep it up to support minnows.

Congrats on the to the lucky five author.
@yoo1900 happy Easter 😉

How does this work?

You are great

That is very nice of you! Thanks for your support! Gratitude rules!

congratulations to everyone getting from @yoo1900
I have a good post.
thanks for sharing.

Wow? , goodluck to all? we are in waitinglist? just stay and waiting fighting?, give the best????

Woooww,,, goodluck to all,,, we are in waitinglist,,, just stay and waiting,,, fighting,,, give the best,,,

wow good information..i want to be a selected member. hope i am lucky

Member of which parliament?

Sir @yoo1900 I wait to be upvoted someday. Thanks a lot for the support of all the steemians

It is quite refreshing to see there are still people supporting minnows cheers.

Congratulations to you all
I'm glad you got the curation for your wonderful contents.
I hope you're all encouraged to steem on!!.
thanks for your usual support @yoo1900

thanks a lot @yoo1900 who has chosen me as the winner. I am very happy with you who care small fish fish like us. success for @yoo1900.
let me [ resteemed ] your post @yoo1900

That's a kind of you @yoo1900. I write good posts too. Am i qualify? though my rep is 57, but i'm a minnow Lol

Congratulations to all those favoured. I can only imagine how you feel right now.

bro will you support to lwl 60 persons ? :)

What are the conditions for receiving your support? How should be a post to get your attention? Thank you

Congrats to all selected authors.

Keep supporting minnows, boss.

Hope your picture is very good and better,thanks.......

prop to your work man. Keep up the good work. Proud of you.

Congratulation for winner

You are doing a very nice job. Minnows need support in order to survive on this platform. Without support of big names, they may lose their interest which will definitely not good for this platform. Hence, everyone should strive to make this platform one of the most successful social media cum cryptocurrency and blockchain platform.

How do you find the minnows and/or the posts you pick?

In other words how is it possible that you never selected one of my posts? 😋😜


Thank you for recognizing my son's writings. @beatenegg is a husband and wife's blog. Now, both mr and mrs v have gone busy, I asked him to write and I'll publish. He'll be happy when he sees this in the morning.

You like to make people happy. This is a very beautiful thing👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @yoo1900

@yoo1900 Thanks so much for the supports you are rendering here...believe me, it goes a long way... Hope you will check out my post too. Thanks!

All of them are good picks but the best I like is @beatenegg. A very sweet birthday message.
God bless you with all your heart's desires @yoo1900 for the goodness you spread

Very interesting friends

Good appreciation mr. @yoo1900 hopefully can be taken advantage of

This is a posting that my shop can pay with steem dollars

Payable by steem or sdb


Thank you

Bro please can I get another help from you. Congratulations to the winners

Thank you for your upvotes and supports. It's a good behavior. By the way, I guess " @peterrol and @tuuma " name or address is wrong, pages don't open. For your information @yoo1900 :)

Hello @yoo1900

I'm new in Steemit Community. I need the support of a valuable account like you. Thank you for everything you've added to the Steemit community.

Thank you for support.

thanks to yoo1900 who has supported esteem friends all for improvement sbd, esteem friends hope you all always eager in posting, for unfortunate friends do not be discouraged because if fortune will not run to others.

Great job, I love it. Congratulations to the winners.

Great job.I pray and will work hard towards joining this elite group.

Thank you for your support dear!

Congratulations to all the upvote winners. Well done @yoo1900 for this amazing work of discovering undervalued quality contents, I hope to be discovered someday too.

Keep up the good work @yoo1900

Congratulations for winners contest on 02.04.2018

Congrats to the 5 lucky steemian Big thanks @yoo1900 for continuing helping the minnow God bless you and more power..

Hello brother @yoo1900

How will the category you want to post as a worthy curation?

It's important for me to pass on to my newcomers friends on the Steemit platform so they are motivated with the generosity you have, I think it's a very positive brother @yoo1900

Congrats to the winners.
Great work Boss.👍

@yoo1900 please visit me someday😤
God bless

thank you for supporting us the way you do, i would have quite steemit a month ago until met people like you who dedicate hours to help and improve steemit community.

Good job i like it upvote and resteem @yoo1900

Hey @yoo1900 , its great your helping others, I'm making posts to help those with mental health issues. I only joined 2 days ago, hopefully your see me as a good person to help.