Support minnows , Date 19.3.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 5 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50%-80% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?
reputation below 60 (Completely random, it just have to be a good one).
List for today:

I give all my support of today to this one.please help this guy if you can.

(I do not intend to stop supporting those I have supported so far even if they are over 60)

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I am very new to steemit.Today I just made my first post.Help from big shot like you will made my life.You are a very kind hearted person it shows.Because now a days people doesn't help others but you are doing it regularly.Thank's from deep end of my heart.@upvoted and resteemed


welcome :)


Yes, hat's off to you as you've shown you have a huge heart!


Your reply is unbelievable to me.Thank's a lot for this kind act.


Thank you so much @yoo1900 for giving all your support to my friend's father.. I'm so happy I found steemit family in here. You really have a big heart towards us minnows :)


You got a worthy upvote, i'm happy for you


Welcome @russelkhan to this beautiful community

Really appreciate you work on steemit ..please keep doing the good work...

That's so kind of you! I went and upvoted her and I hope her father will get better with the support you and us all gave her!

I would like to recommend 2 great minnows:
@broncofan99 - a teacher that writes awesome education related content.
@bigtom13 - a minnow that writes interesting posts about his traveling.

Thanks, keep up the great work @yoo1900 !

You are the most helpful person in steemit. I hope you check again my works @yoo1900

That's so great of you! Keep doing what you do! Respect!

This was probably the best vote you have given so far.Truly nice gesture.
Hats off to you @yoo1900

I am sorry, hopefully with our help and prayer, he will recover quickly

@yoo1900 that's why we all support here ... have my help @jejes ... for that we will support each other ..


Thank you @joelgonz1982 for your help :)


It was a pleasure ... friend

This is an awesome job you are doing.
Lately I sow too may people supporting only their friends and family on the platform with big upvotes and Resteems even if the quality of their content is not good. So, Thank you for supporting the quality content not the person itself.

That's a great initiative taken by @yoo1900 sir.I have got vote from you.That is a kinds of thing which encourages people like me a lot.Looking for another upvote ha ha ha.Thanks for sharing this post.@upvoted

I never had any big upvotes so far.Some day i am sure you will upvote my content.You are just playing the role of a true friends of minnows.Most of the whales doesn't upvote new comers,but you are truly different.Thank's for always being their for minnows.@upvoted and resteemed

Yoo1900 how cute

Cute girls want help

extend help hand

I will magnify them

Congratulations on the luck of Steem's friends today, to the unlucky friends of Steem, do not be discouraged, continue to contribute, improve the quality of the post and avoid all forms of plagiarism, hopefully for tomorrow's edition you will be lucky.Because the fortune has not been set on the line. the spirit goes on for the best post.

I congratulate you HUMAN PEOPLE

You're so amazing! :)

Beautiful initiative! Congratulations !

This is impressive. Really nice. Really impressed with your kind heart. I wish him speedy recovery. Glad he is getting the help he needs. I pray more comes.

upvote and resteemed your post
please sir see my post @ yoo1900

Hello @yoo1900 I've seen the post @jejes you share, I feel sorry to his father who is sick, although my steem power is still small but I willingly help him, and I will give full if my steem power is big, that's all I have.
visit my blog maybe you are happy with one of my post, thank you

Congratulations to the 5 lucky minnows. What are the procedure to qualify. I wish it gets to me

Since you appeal for us to help the guy, why not. You are doing a great deal of job by helping minnows like me. I have given an upvote and will give him one too. God bless you.

I congratulate you.

Well done is all I can say @yoo1900. More grace to continue in what you are doing

Congratuation to them

Keep it up bro

Minnows are cheering you on!

you are like a savior to all stemian and what you do is very noble

A great gesture! You are a very good and wonderful man.
Thank you for what you are.

You have being showing kindness and love to all participants,even the blind can feel it. Well done and more grease to your elbow.

Keep it up...

Thanks for the support it will really improved the standard of living in steemit it will encourage the US to create a moral standards

This is so kind of you. This can definitely help him.

Visit my posts too sir

Great work brother

Thank you sir!

The help you give for Minnows is really wonderful. Today, you broke my heart. They will multiply like you!

Dobra robota ! i wspaniały charakter

hi sir @ yoo1900 i am new to steemit and i still do not know much of steemit as i do to win a vote from you i am convinced that the vote is small

This is truly an excellent act on your part to support with your vote the best post. Congratulations @yoo1900!!!

your are good supporters for all steemian!!
Have a nice day!

Thank you for supporting @jejes post it mean so much to us her groupmates. We were trying to help raise an amount enough to pay the hospital bills unfortunately most of us only have very small voting value. Good that you spotted her humble post.

More power and God bless!

This is kind of you. We should all go and support our upvote. Just did mine with my tiny upvote

Continue to support us in steemit @yoo1900 both in our creative and in social activities as you do today, with your support, we were trying to make something interesting and good to grow flowers. Thank you @yoo1900.

I am new in this blogging platform and I am happy to know more Steemians with good heart like you @yoo1900. This makes me to be more motivated in creating quality posts and beautiful contents here on Steemit. Thanks to you @yoo1900.

This is very generous of you. It is quite hard for us little fish in this big pond. I hope that this helps have a positive effect on the content available on Steemit.

Can my page get a look @yoo1900. Congrats to all the chosen. Thanks

Thank you for the support you gave him, may be useful and given healing immediately and removed all the diseases he suffered @yoo1900😊

What a great thing to do for folks. I'm certain its appreciated. Following you and @jejes. I hope it works out for your friends Dad.

Hello @yoo1900

This is just pure amazing, kudos to you for the good work you're doing.

Saw the link through @papa-pepper's blog then decided to see and I'm glad you're supporting to save a life. Truly remarkable.
Remain blessed

Wow,this is the first time i am stumbling on your posts and its really exciting that someone decided to take it upon themself to do such nice things irrespective of how stressful it might be
That's great keep it up 😄😃

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Hi brother I would much appreciate the support .. My Aston Martin post was one of my better ones and rather dissappointing performance.. Thanks a mil in advance..


I did it sir thnx for sharing with us

.You are a very kind hearted person it shows.Because now a days people doesn't help others but you are doing it regularly.Thank's from deep end of my heart.

I'm not new but minnow struggling to get noticed, I hope I'll get some help from you @yoo1900

I am very new in steemit platform. Currently I just made a post, I hope to get support @yoo1900, I ask for help from big shot as you will make me able to work. You are the kindest person he shows. Because now people do not help others but you do regularly. Thank you from the deep heart of @imun. upvoted, follow and resteemed me.

Excellent work you do @yoo1900, my blog is dedicated to Spanish speaking people, quality content on the work platform, but I need support for more visualization, I would appreciate it if you go through my blog.


Although I have not felt your support yet, your support is Amazing
You are providing tremendous support in steem. This is great in building a steem program. And, you are very wise in providing support, namely by selecting and upvote the 5 best posts every day posted by the account with rank 60 down. This is amazing because what you do can motivate us to make the post more feasible and more interesting. Thank you for paying attention to small fish like us.

This is great. Helping out the little guy. As person just starting out on steemit much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

You are so good. I went @jejes 'blog and upvote.
Thanks for having a chance to help.

To be honest my vote isn't worth much basically 0.002 but i still upvoted to support someone who is need, my mom always said no matter how small if you have it to give you should, so i did just that and also resteemed. Hope he gets the help he needs and feels better soon, he is in my prayers.

What a nice initiative you have, by promoting the content of other people who need it. It is really a sample of your beautiful heart.
I wanted to invite you to read my second post. I would greatly appreciate it if you saw it and in case you like it, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You got my vote and I stay attentive to your next publications. 💋

really helpful

Nice to feature some content blogs @yoo1900 hope mine too. Hope you'll recognize everyday blog post. Nice to know that your helping other people to upvote their blog post , maintain being so generous and kind . Keep it up !

I have no words to praise your work @yoo1900. Thank you for creating an opportunity for me to render my small support to her post. If you hadn't shared this in your daily post, I would have not got an opportunity to help. Thanks @yoo1900.

Here in steemit there a lot of good helping people . every one is lucky to have their generosity. only God can repay his kindness.

It's quite saddening i got this late. But, I'm very happy people like you exist. Helping us(the minnows) grow and all you are the doing here is the best assistance I've seen so far on steemit.

Congrats to those that got the upvotes. I hope favour locates me too.

Meanwhile, I just dropped a post. I hope you check it out.

I am very mentukanai way you give support, to us

What a lovely idea. and a good cause to support.
I was wondering if you would consider looking at my new contest for inspiring creativity amongst minnows,
thank you :D

Awesome job on today's support you are a good man. Keep up the great work and thanks for making Steemit cooler than it already is.

Yours always